imitation jewelry wholesale india Invisible richest man in Shenzhen: The history of mysterious family history is exposed, the real "capital crocodile"

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    In Shenzhen, the rich goes everywhere. Throwing a brick on the street, accidentally hit one or two rich people.
    Moly known, such as Tencent's little pony, BYD's Wang Chuanfu, and Yao Zhenhua of Baoneng, are all well -known Shenzhen rich people.
    , in Shenzhen, in Shenzhen, there is a super rich named Lin Li, but it is extremely low -key.
    Lin Lin Li rarely showed up, and almost did not accept media interviews, which made him look more mysterious and unpredictable.
    This was the richest man in Shenzhen, which was the first time that he had surfaced; but he couldn't say that the unknown history of the Taoism made the outside world discuss.
    Sub -subsequent, Lin Li disappeared into the sight of the media and made his capital empire getting bigger and bigger.
    Recently, Lin Li accepted an open interview for the first time, and people were surprised to find that Lin Li was a truly invisible capital crocodile.
    At the same time, Lin Li's mysterious family history was finally exposed.
    So what is the unknown mysterious hair history of Lin Li? How huge is his capital empire?


    In 1963, Lin Li was born in Zijin County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province.
    Lin Li is the eldest son in the family, and there are two younger brothers and a sister; one of them is Lin Jong, and the sister is Lin Chunqing. Several younger brothers and sisters later worked in the enterprises founded by Lin Li and served as executives.
    If father Lin Xizhao has been working in a town government department under Zijin County, and his mother has worked in township enterprises for a long time.
    Is when Lin Li was young, his father was placed in the countryside, and a family of 6 people lived on a meager salary.
    Lin Li's academic performance is not bad. I have been admitted to my college and learned the accounting.
    In 1979, after graduating from Lin Li at the age of 16, he entered the Zijin County Branch of the People's Bank of China and became an accountant.
    The second year, Shenzhen established a special zone, and people rushed into Shenzhen; at that time, the family members also came to Shenzhen for development.

    It 1980 Shenzhen
    , Lin Li did not come to Shenzhen for the first time, but did for several years in the People's Bank of Zijin County and Agricultural Bank of China.
    Until 1985, Lin Li, 22, transferred to Shenzhen to serve as the chief accountant at the Bank of China.
    The forefront of Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up, and engaged in the latest financial industry, which made Lin Li encounter an opportunity to reach ordinary people.
    The December 1990, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was established; Shenzhen's old five shares of the five stocks of Shenzhen, Vanke, Shenyuan Ye, and Shenanda were all participating in the issuance of Bank of China.

    In the establishment of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
    The Lin Li at that time, just participated in the accounting of these four stocks.
    This to make Lin Lie better in China's stock market earlier, and also realized the value of the stock earlier.
    When get off work is fine, Lin Li rode a motorcycle to buy stocks at the roadside stall in Yuanlingling Road, Hongli Road.
    Then ID card at the time, only a new shares subscribed voucher could be received.
    Lin Li asked the father of the secretary of the town in Zijin County. He hit the local police station to help and pulled a car to help buy stocks.
    Lin Li invested thousands of yuan. As the price of the old five shares skyrocketed, Lin Li cleared the position, and made three million yuan.
    After earning the first bucket of gold in life, Lin Li tasted the magical wealth -making power of the stock market, and could no longer work.


    In 1995, Lin Li resigned from the bank's work and established Liye Group.
    In addition to stock trading, Lin Li will also make money from the real estate and catering industry.
    The Fuhua Restaurant in Shenzhen and Jinlong Pavilion Catering are all industries invested by Lin Li.
    Lin Li also developed several real estate including Aerospace Lichang Huaying. These investments all made a lot of money, which made Lin Li's worth several times.
    At that time, Lin Li realized that it was difficult to make 100 million in the industry; but it made 100 million in the industry, investing in potential and equity, and the profit obtained was far higher than the industry.
    In 2002, there were only 5 business outlets Jiangmen Securities, and more than 200 employees, caught in a loss of losing money.
    Lin Li realized the scarcity of securities licenses. When Jiangmen Securities lost money to find a buyer, it was acquired at a low price.
    The transaction will bring him tens of billions of yuan in more than ten years.
    One year later, Lin Li waited for another potential equity investment opportunity. The investment -linked insurance launched by Ping An Insurance, due to the downturn in the capital market, triggered a wave of retirement.
    In Shenzhen Investment Management Company is the largest shareholder of Ping An Insurance, holding 16%, accounting for too much proportion, coupled with the loss of Ping An Insurance, you need to sell some equity.
    88 million Ping An Insurance Stocks, accounting for 3.6%of the total share capital, and sold at the Shenzhen Property Rights Exchange Center at a price of 5.93 yuan per share.
    But for the first time, it did not sell it. After learning this news, Lin Li felt that this was a chance.
    So Lin Li put all the real estate projects and restaurants business. With more than 500 million yuan, Lin Li took off the equity of Ping An Insurance in one fell swoop and became one of the top ten shareholders.
    The second year, Ping An Insurance was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
    In 2007, Ping An Insurance was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The high premium of A shares made Lin Li's wealth flies.
    is also in 2007. Lin Li became the richest man in Shenzhen with a net worth of 17 billion yuan.
    With the expansion of the market value of Ping An Insurance, Lin Li's 500 million investment at that time soared to more than 60 billion yuan.
    Lin Li has gradually reduced its holdings by more than 40 billion, and there are more than 20 billion Ping An shares.
    The Lin Li did not stop making fast money in the financial market. He immediately invested income, and most of them acquired the industry.
    Ird Lin Li has just encountered many local state -owned enterprises in business difficulties after a large -scale cash out of Ping An. Many state -owned enterprises can be bought at 1 yuan per share.
    So Lin Li began to sweep the goods crazy at low prices nationwide.
    The subsidiaries of Nanjing Liye Electric Transformers, Sichuan Liye Electronics, Hubei Liye Biotechnology and other groups were all acquired by Lin Li.
    This groups have quickly expanded in a short period of time, becoming the industrial giant of 30 factories and 30,000 employees in the country.
    If these enterprises are integrated together, Liye Group can become a Fortune 500 enterprise in the world.
    but the pragmatic and low -key Lin Li did not do so. Instead, these companies were scattered, sinking into the bottom of the water, and disappearing from the sight of the mass media.
    to this day, not many people still know the establishment of the industry group, let alone it is such a huge industrial group.


    Jiangmen Securities acquired by Lin Li cannot be underestimated.
    In order to make Jiangmen Securities bigger, Lin Li renamed it "Hualin Securities" and got rid of a local securities company.
    Sub -then, Lin Li moved Hualin Securities's headquarters to Zhuhai, Shenzhen, and Beijing, respectively; every time you move, the number of outlets of Hualin Securities can double.
    Lin Li also introduced experienced talents to Hualin Securities. He hired Guotai Junan's deputy president, Deputy President of Guoxin Securities, and the deputy president of Ping An Securities.
    Until 2014, after the former Ping An team left from Hualin Securities, Lin Li walked from behind the scenes to the stage and became the chairman of Hualin Securities.

    Lin Li
    At that time, Lin Li found that he had a few people who knew it.
    The face of people who have no trust can be used. Lin Li has to dig his sister Lin Chunqing to dig from the Bank of China to the director of human resources and capture manpower; then he also put his wife Pan Ning, a post -80s finance gold collar, appointed Vice President, Lord to catch finance.
    The approach to letting people have also caused Hualin Securities to be controversial, and it is considered by the outside world to be a family securities company.
    In Lin Li's government Hualin Securities, the profit level began to increase rapidly. In 5 years, it made 30 billion profits.
    In the day when he joined the Hualin Securities, Lin Li has been planning to go public.
    In 2016, Lin Li Ren Hualin Securities chairman just turned three years and met the conditions for listing. He submitted a listing application to the CSRC.
    On January 17, 2019, Hualin Securities was listed as expected, and Lin Li's capital territory expanded again.

    This Huarin Securities is listed
    At present, Hualin Securities has a market value of 34.1 billion, while 61%of the equity belongs to Linli Lili Group.
    , that is, a cheap transaction of more than ten years ago brought Lin Li's return of more than 20 billion yuan, which is amazing!


    According to the existing public information, we cannot completely explore the capital map of Lin Li.
    What we know is just the tip of the iceberg of the Linli Capital Empire.
    The Weizhong Bank initiated by Tencent, Liye Group is also a 20%major shareholder; in addition, some banks such as Wuxi Bank and other banks are also among the capital maps of Linli.
    There is no doubt that Lin Li is a real capital crocodile compared to some capital leaders who have surfaced.
    is more important to be a crocodile sank at the bottom of the water.
    ers are not familiar with everyone, waiting quietly for his prey.
    This is also a pragmatic southern rich man, especially the typical characteristics of the rich people in Guangdong. They like to hide wealth invisible, unknown, nor do they remember.

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