3 thoughts on “I already have a SSL certificate, but how does the private key generate? Seeking advice?”

  1. Hello!
    SSL certificate and private key match each other. If you only have SSL certificates but do not have a private key, please apply for the SSL certificate again. At the same time, the CSR file will generate key key files (private key generation can directly "CSR file generation" major search engines can find tools)! It is very important. Please download the generated CSR files and key files to the computer properly. CSR and key files are randomly generated. If you lose it, you can only send an application request.
    Overview: When the applicant applies for the SSL certificate, the CSR file is generated at the same time to generate the key file. The applicant submitted the CSR file to the SSL certificate of the CA institution, which generated the SSL certificate public key file. If you do n’t work, you can also find the GWORG application SSL certificate, which will be provided by these documents.
    The application for SSL certificate process:
    . CSR request file generation (files include: private key key and CSR files)
    . Provide CSR files to SSL certificate issuance agency
    3. After the fixed certification is completed, obtain the SSL certificate

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    If there is only SSL certificate without a private key (key file), then you need to re -apply for a certificate. You can contact the merchants you purchased at the time. Re -sign. If you need to apply for a new certificate, you can contact Bi Shengyun to help you handle it. The key file is very important, please keep it properly.

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