2 thoughts on “How to use the Galaxy King Star online transaction?”

  1. Your money is still in the bank. You have not transferred the money to the stock trading account. Of course, there is no money in the stock trading account. The trading phone call on the securities business hall of the securities business hall for you to transfer the phone call; or click the "Symptomatic Symbol Business" silver transfers in your existing securities trading account, select bank transfer securities, then select banks, enter input, enter Password and transfer amount, click "Transfer"

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  2. First of all: 1: Go to the bank to store enough money to buy stocks; second: enter the trading system to order a silver certificate transfer,-"to click again-" bank transfers, and then pop up the bank's funding to transfer Currency, enter the bank password, enter the withdrawal password, just press the amount you want to deposit into the quotient, and then you can buy and sell stocks

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