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  1. In international logistics transportation, delays of cargo clearance are problems that many foreign trade people and cross -border e -commerce sellers will encounter. No matter which logistics method is used, there will be customs clearance delays. So, what are the common reasons that cause delays in customs clearance?
    1. The goods are sensitive goods
    It shippers are not professional logistics personnel, so they do not understand the rules of international logistics transportation. This is easy to be easy Check some embargo or sensitive goods.
    (1) countries around the world have their prohibitions from immigration, such as drugs, guns, ammunition, weapons, etc. are familiar to everyone. These are prohibited from entry in countries around the world. Almost every country will prohibit entry in animals and plants, meat, and books. For example, the United States prohibits Chinese herbal medicine from entering the country; Britain is prohibited from entering the country. After the entry -prohibited commodities reach the customs of the country, they will be seized or returned directly by the customs.
    (2) The goods are brand -name and infringing products: After these products enter the country, the customs will request a brand authorization letter. If not, the customs will delay, the customs deduction, and even directly order to return.
    (3) Sensitive goods such as powder, liquid, and power: The probability of sensitive goods is checked by customs than general goods, and the customs clearance time is longer than the general goods. These products are generally delayed when transporting.
    2, cargo generation operation error
    With the development of international transportation, international freight forwarding companies are also increasing, and quality is uneven. When we hand over the goods to the freight forwarding company, the freight forwarding company will have logistics operators to handle and ship the goods. If the logistics operator is not professional or operating errors, it will affect transportation.
    (1) The filling of the goods information is incomplete: If the number of products is incorrect, the declaration value is inconsistent with the actual value, it will attract the attention of the customs and lead to delay in logistics.
    (2) Logistics transportation method: In order to save freight, freight forwarding companies earn the difference in shipping costs, and choose logistics transportation channels with cheap prices and long transportation time.
    3. Customs inspection
    In the port of transportation or destination, the customs will choose a certain proportion of containers based on their own policies, which will also cause logistics delay to a certain extent. Regarding the standard of inspection, this is random, known as "random customs inspection", usually depends on several factors, such as the import and export policy of a country, risk management, etc. Once a customs inspection occurs, not only the transportation is delayed, but also pays related fees.
    4. Natural disasters
    Due to severe weather conditions, ship delays often occur. For example, typhoons and hurricanes will have typhoons and hurricanes every summer. Pass at the port; when the ship is in the port, but cannot leave due to bad weather.
    5, the port is blocked
    The destination port or the port of transportation port is blocked, that is, the port of the port, such as the peak period of transportation from the second half of the year, especially various holidays, will block the port like a traffic jam, the ship will be blocked, the ship will Too much, you can't let go for a while. There are often strikes in some countries, which can also cause ports.
    6. Reasons for recipients
    (1) Unwilling to pay taxes: the goods need to be paid, the tax is too high or the tax has exceeded the value of the goods itself. The recipient is unwilling to pay high taxes. To pay the tax clearance, the goods are stored in the customs office like this. After the customs clearance period arrives, it is auctioned or returned by the customs.
    (2) The recipient does not have relevant documents: For example, if the recipient does not have an import license, the recipient cannot provide customs clearance documents, causing the goods to delay the customs clearance.
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  2. The sensitive goods do pay attention to it that it will be carefully reviewed by foreign customs. If some logistics are not carefully checked, it may not be sent to the recipient normally. Therefore, sending sensitive products still find a qualified and capable logistics company to send it, so as not to consume costs in vain.
    I don't know what type of sensitive goods you sent, whether it is cosmetics or a power product. These two are better. If it is expensive or food and drugs, it is hard to say. You can first recommend you to see Yuntu Logistics. This special power line and cosmetics lines are available. Some liquid powder cosmetics are okay. Electronic products with battery can also be. answer.

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