cubic jewelry wholesale How to install Devil May Cry 4 Chinese Patch

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  1. harolds jewelry wholesale catalog Why do you install in the folder in the game installation program?
    In the directory in the directory ~

    t settup installation, the pop -up folder selects the devil's main catalog () OK ... may be stuck during the installation, it is recommended not to run other other. Program ... It can be installed in about 10 minutes ... then according to the requirements of the game directory before entering the game ... Select Chinese or English to change ... After finishing the game ... you can enter the game ...

    2. The problem of use of Chinese patch is roughly 3:
    ① Click without response.
    (Solution: change the compatibility in the attribute.)
    ② Click to pop up to pop up. The error window of "Application configuration is incorrect".
    (Solution: Make sure your computer is equipped with Framework 2.0 or above. Prompt for "Can't Open _dx9" prompt.
    (Solution: Please "read only" in the _dx9 and DX10 attributes

  2. kelly's wholesale jewelry inc After you install it, you will be a barking icon in your game directory. After double -click it, select it to set it to the Chinese version, and then the system will start to set it twice. DX9 is then DX10, which will be automatically closed after completion. Sinicization in the game again.
    Wen Devil Cry you downloaded has N decompressing files that it is divided into scrolls, so as long as one unblocking one can be used, it should be an ISO like a CD. After putting it in the virtual optical drive The light drive is the same, double -click setup directly. When installation, it will make you choose the path to choose "Custom"

  3. j n s jewelry wholesale 29206 Where is your Devil May Cry 4, the Chinese patch is installed there.
    . For example, you Devilute 4 loaded D: Gamedmc4
    Then the Chinese patch is also installed in D: Gamedmc4
    . After the beat is finished, after the hit, after the hit, after playing, it is finished,, after the hit, after the fight, after the hit, it is finished. Run the installation directory (such as D: Gamedmc4) .exe, select "Chinese version", wait a moment.
    If you don’t know how to see where your Devil May Cry 4 is installed, follow the steps below :
    Right-click your desktop Devil May Cry 4 shortcut-> attribute-> shortcuts-> Find target ..
    and then pop up a window. This is the installation directory of your Devil May Cry 4. Then the Chinese patch is to choose here to install ..
    and then install it .exe is here.

  4. wholesale jewelry display supplies Place the patch in the game directory and double -click to open it.
    The patch refers to the small cloth that nails on the clothes and bedding to cover the hole. Now it also refers to a mini -program that solves the problem that the problem exposed during the use of large software systems (such as Microsoft operating systems) is exposed during use (usually discovered by a hacker or virus designer). Just like the clothes are rotten, it is necessary to patch. It is impossible for people to write a program, so the software will inevitably appear bugs, and the patch is specifically repaired by these bugs because of the shortcomings of the original software. After discovering, another small is prepared after finding up The program is perfect, which is commonly known as patch. The patch is made by the original author of the software. You can access the website to download the patch.

  5. wholesale costume jewelry and accessories The first step is to download the Chinese patch compressed package, the nomad starry sky is down!
    Step 2, unzip the file in the compressed package to the desktop!
    The third step, double -click to unzip the files to the desktop, and find the installation of the Devil May Cry game according to the prompt!
    The fourth step, installation. Just wait for about 5-10 minutes!
    Is you can be satisfied with my answer!

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