costume jewelry wholesale new york 1 How much is the Cool Coin, how much is the Cool Book City?

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  1. marijuana leaf charms for jewelry wholesale 1 cool currency = 1RMB
    1. How to buy cool coins?
    In on Baidu Duoku Book City, you need to register as a cool account (or log in directly with Baidu account), and then click "recharge" in the navigation to quickly enter the recharge platform to select the appropriate recharge method for recharge.

    2, how to charge the chapters of Duke Book City.
    Muku reading product tariffs include three methods: ordering, ordering according to chapters, ordering and packed monthly, all use more cool currency as the sole virtual currency of the transaction.
    (1) Order according to chapter: According to the standard tariffs of 0.04 cool currency/thousand words, if a single chapter is less than 500 words, it does not charge; the specific chapters are based on the purchase payment page prompts.
    (2) Order according to this: For the establishment of the completed works, the tariffs are 1-8 cooler coins/books.
    (3) Palentry: The monthly standard tariff is 10 cool coins/month (currently preferential price: 6 cool coins/month), each package of monthly package provides 250-100 excellent books, which can be within one month after ordering. Read all works in the monthly package for free.

    3, how to query consumption and recharge records?
    In the user can log in, click on the username to enter the user center to check your consumption record and recharge record

    4. n In order to facilitate users to quickly order the work of this book city, the function of fast subscriptions has been opened for new users. SMS (2 yuan SMS only sends once to recharge 1 cool coin, 2 yuan text messages need to be sent 2 this SMS can be successfully deducted) Successful deduction fee.
    (2) Duo Kushi City automatically registered an account for you, the user name is your mobile phone number, the password is immediately, and the cool coin recharge the recharge in your first process to your account The form of text messages was sent.
    (3) After the user receives the text message "You successfully register for multiple cool accounts", you can click on the address in the SMS to log in directly. Leave the next payment in the account) and automatically jump to the reading page for reading; if your mobile phone does not support automatic login, you can also return to the homepage of Duke Shu City according to the relevant information of the SMS, fill in the account number (mobile phone number) Log in with the password and pay.
    (4) If the above is unsuccessful, please call the 400 phone, let's help you solve it.

    5, how to use the book review function?
    Is when you read a book, you need to communicate to get more understanding. You can express your views on your current work under the directory page or reading page of each book, and freely publish book reviews. We encourage every bookmaker to write more book reviews and write good book reviews, because the book reviews you write will be used as a reference for other book friends. At the same time, you can also see the successful book reviews that others have published in each book's directory page or detail page, and click "Support" for excellent book reviews to express your views on this book review.

    6, how to use the recommendation function?
    The readers can click "Recommended Book" for what they are interested in to represent their support for the current works and authors. Warm reminder: Each user can only vote once a day for each book. Please cherish the opportunity to recommend.

    7, how to set the number of words on the page?
    It on the reading chapter page, you can freely set the appropriate number of words per page according to the mobile phone model and network quality to make the reading more smooth and convenient. At present, there are three modes of 1000 words, 3000 words and the entire chapter display. Warm reminder: Please choose the number of words carefully for some low -end mobile phones. Due to the limited performance of the mobile phone, the number of words on each page of 2000 or more may cause the page to be unable to open. If you use the model and the old -fashioned mobile phone, you can use the model and the old -fashioned mobile phone. It is recommended to read the default 1000 words/page.

    8, how to use the recent reading function?
    The system will automatically save the bookmarks of 1 work that unavailable users' recent browsing. Login users will automatically save 10 workmarks. After more than 10 books, the system will automatically cover the earliest automatic bookmark records. The order of bookmark arrangement will be arranged in the order of your last reading. If you have collected your work into your own bookshelf, the system will automatically store the bookmarks of the corresponding work, so that you will continue to read next time. Reminder: It is recommended to read your favorite works, please collect your works in your bookstore so that you can quickly find your last reading position next time!

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