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  1. nihao wholesale jewelry There are several buttons below the stock software, click the sector-sector classification-select the sector you want to see.
    The stocks of listed companies in our country include A shares, B shares, H shares, N shares and S shares. This distinction is based on the listing location of the stock and the investors facing.

    a shares
    a's formal name is RMB ordinary shares. It is issued by companies in my country and for domestic institutions, organizations, or individuals (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao investors) that subscribe and transactions with RMB.

    In 1990, there were only 10 A -share stocks in my country to the end of 1997. A -share stocks increased to 720, with a total share capital of 164.6 billion, with a total market value of 1752.9 billion yuan, and domestic in China. The ratio of GDP is 22.7 %. In 1997, the annual transaction volume of A shares was 447.1 billion shares, and the annual transaction value was 30,29.5 billion yuan. After several years of rapid development of the A -share stock market in my country, the scale has begun to take shape.

    a shares mainly have the following characteristics:
    (1) Issuing ordinary shares subscribed for RMB in my country in China.
    (2) The largest proportion of the stocks issued in the company's circulation stocks is also the stock with better liquidity, but the A shares of most companies are not the company's most issued stocks, because the current listed companies in my country are currently issued. In addition to A shares, most of the non -exchanges are non -exchanges or state -owned legal persons.
    (3) It is considered a stock that pays attention to the distribution of profitability and does not pay attention to management rights. This is mainly because people participating in A -share transactions in the stock market are more concerned about the difference in A -share buying and selling. It is not attentive to other rights it represents.

    B shares
    also known as RMB special stocks. Refers to those special stocks registered in mainland China and listed on mainland China. The face value is indicated by Renminbi, and it can only be subscribed and traded with foreign currency.

    H shares
    , also known as state -owned enterprise stocks, refers to the stocks listed by state -owned enterprises in Hong Kong.

    s shares
    refers to the core businesses such as the main production or operation in mainland China, and the registered place of enterprises in Singapore or other countries and regions, but listed on the Singapore Exchange Enterprise stocks.

    NN shares
    refers to those foreign -funded stocks registered in mainland China and listed on New York.

    2. According to profit, property distribution can be divided into

    ordinary shares
    ordinary shares refer to ordinary shares in the company's business management, profitability and property distribution of property. The shares of the right represent the right to meet all the claims of all claims and the right to the rights of the priority shareholders and the right to claim the company's profit and the remaining property. It constitutes the foundation of the company's capital. The biggest, most important stock. The stocks currently traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange are ordinary shares. Ordinary stock holders enjoy the following basic rights according to the proportion of their shares:

    (1) The company's decision -making participation. Ordinary shareholders have the right to participate in the shareholders 'meeting, and have the right to propose, vote and election, and can also entrust others to act on behalf of their shareholders' rights.

    (2) profit distribution right. Ordinary shareholders have the right to get dividends from the company's profit distribution. The dividend of ordinary shares is not fixed, and the company's profitability and its distribution policy are determined. Ordinary shareholders must have the right to enjoy dividend distribution after the preferred shareholders obtain a fixed dividend.

    (3) Priority recognition of equity. If the company needs to expand and issue ordinary stocks, the existing common shareholders have the right to purchase a certain number of new issuance shares at a specific price lower than the market price at a specific price of its share price, so as to maintain its original ownership of the enterprise ownership. There is a proportion.

    (4) The right to distribute the remaining assets. When the company goes bankrupt or liquidated, if the company's assets are still left after repayment of debt, the remaining part will be allocated in the order of pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -shaped shareholders and general shareholders.

    Preferred stocks
    are relative to ordinary stocks. It mainly refers to the rights of profit dividends and the distribution of remaining property.
    The priority stocks have two rights:
    a. When the company distributes profit, shareholders who have preferred stocks are compared to shareholders holding ordinary stocks, allocated first, and enjoy a fixed amount of dividend, that is, the preferred shares, that is, the priority shares The dividend rates are fixed, but the dividends of ordinary stocks are not fixed. Depending on the company's profitability, it depends on the company's profit.
    b. When the company dissolves, when allocating the remaining property, the preferred shares are allocated before ordinary shares.

    3. According to the performance, it is also divided into:

    st shares
    st shares refers to the stocks that have been treated for two consecutive years in a consecutive years and have been treated with special treatment;*ST refers to refers to Losses in domestic listed companies for three consecutive years of losses. Refining the hat means that it was ST, and now it is removed.

    This stock
    Chat stocks of companies that operate losses or violate regulations.

    The performance shares
    The company's business is very good and the performance is very good. The income per share is more than 0.5 yuan

    Large companies that occupy important dominance, excellent performance, excellent performance, and excellent dividends in their industries are called blue -chip stocks.

  2. nicole jewelry wholesale You Baidu: Shanghai -Shenzhen Pavilion. This website has some stock market horses, which is the summary experience of some successful people.
    The K -line explanation, which allows you to learn to look at the disk skills.
    has no trading experience and no look at the market. It can be said that you just hit the mouse by blind cats. You may not be able to finish walking in time.

    It thousands of comments on the website every day. You can check the stocks you purchased to see if there are large orders to buy or sell to determine what to do next. Internal reference and volumes of the organization are just a reference.

    The I usually put the stocks recommended above in the collection, and then observe carefully, and choose again. After all, if I let me choose directly in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities, I can't see it at all. wish you success.

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