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  1. wholesale fashion jewelry 21 Since August 31, dog coins have risen by 262%
    Why do dog coins skyrocket?
    I believe that a bit of channel friends have received the news that dog currencies are about to rise in the past two days. However, for most of the old leeks that have experienced many battles, this kind of news is not uncommon, and according to the law of news reliability, the easier the news is obtained, and the lower the reliability. However, the dog coin seems to be iron -hearted to hit these people's faces, which is simply an emerald dog stick.
    The old leeks are determined to discuss where to pull the plate. It doesn't matter if you don't check it. I'm afraid I was shocked when you checked. According to various news reports, the initiator of the rise is the "Yuzheng International Holding Group" registered in Heilongjiang. However, when the company was searching for the company, it was found that it was a real shell company. Only the company category is "Private Co., Ltd.", which indicates the registration date online, but no online and offline contact information and business scope of the company have not been found.
    In the news collected by various groups, the rise of dog coins is exactly the large MLM gang wearing "Yuzheng International Holdings Co., Ltd.".
    I believe everyone has heard of MLM routines. Even if MLM has become more advanced and concealed in recent years, its essence, that is, profit model, still has not changed.
    In the definition on the Internet, MLM refers to the organizer developers, calculating and paying for the return of developers based on the number or performance of direct or indirect development personnel, or requiring developers to obtain a certain amount of fees when paying a certain fee. Join illegal acts of qualifications. Therefore, the essence of MLM is the "Ponzi scam", that is, the money of the latecomers is paid to the previous person's income.
    So in terms of harm, the MLM of the Nanpai is more than ten times stronger than that of the north. This time, although "Yuzheng International Holding Group Co., Ltd." was circulated in the north, it was a mature cunning MLM organization in the south. Judging from the chat information that has been mastered, internal brainwashing can be said to be very "successful"
    , what do you think of this?

  2. retail wholesale jewelry The price will rise so much. The main reason is that this entire hype is very powerful, and it has reached a very good rising speed, so there will be such a price war.

  3. wood jewelry wholesale I think the rise of dog coins is basically the same as the previous Bitcoin rising routines. As an ordinary person, it is better not to participate in it, so as not to lose heavy losses.

  4. wholesale rock jewelry Dog coins are a virtual currency. Once launched, they are sought after by many people, but they use hungry marketing, leading to rising prices, but later fluctuations will be large.

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