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  1. stainless steel jewelry wholesale mexico The lucky currency of the king of Draenor is called the mark of tempered fate, and the exchange location is the shield (alliance) of the Storm (alliance) of Ashland and the spear (tribe) of the war.

    The exchange method: Gold coins, fortress materials, honor points, Epicis crystals.

    Gold coins: 500, 1000, 20000 (sealing fate: gold coin, seal fate: large gold coin, seal destiny: gold coin rolling) each task can be exchanged for 1 tempered destiny mark. (You can buy 3 good fortunes 3500g per week)
    It believe that it has been found in the process of upgrading the fortress that the gold coins in this expansion film are easier to obtain. You can earn rich gold coins through the fortress or other ways. If you build a 3 -level moon -falling hotel/Frost Wall Hotel, you will also open the treasure hunting task of followers and reward high gold coins.

    Ter fortress materials: Continuous use of fortress materials to redeem the seal of tempered fate of 300, 600, and 1200. (You can spend 2100 points of fortress resources directly per week.)
    The fortress supplies are the main resources of building fortress, so you are relatively scarce when your Fortune is expanded. After the accumulation of materials in the later period is rich, it is recommended to exchange materials to exchange marks.
    3 Class logging farm can provide you with extra fortress. This building allows you to exchange trees in exchange for wood, and then use wood orders to exchange fortress supplies. If you get Changqing Fraque, the output of each order will increase by 50%
    The fortress is rewarded, and the skill of the scavenger can increase the number of materials rewards.
    The first time to complete the King of Draenor's random hero copy every day, you can get 50 fortress supplies
    Rare monsters and treasure chests will reward the fortress materials, but generally it has been completed when collecting fortress materials in the early stage.
    The upper limit of the fortress supplies is 10,000 points

    Honorary points: Continuous use of honorary points to redeem tempered fate of 500, 1000, 20000. (You can spend 3500 points per week to buy 3 good fortunes directly)
    The source of honor points is slightly different from the previous expansion pieces. At present, the number of honorary points can not be exchanged by justice (the number of justice points has been canceled), and the rarity of the panda is not rewarded the honorary points, and the honorary points of Rayshen Island have also canceled the honor points. Of course, the players of the opposing camp are still rewarded with the battlefield victory. But in addition, we also have several new ways to get honor.
    If fortress tasks will reward honorary
    The treasure chests obtained by completing the battlefield and arena practice also contain honorary points.
    The order of the Horizer Temple has a chance to reward the honorary points.

    Eri Piez Crystal: Continuous use of crystal exchanges for temperament destiny. Skin Crystal is a universal currency exchanged for epic -level equipment in Draenori. If you are not equipped, you can use it to change the mark. In addition, the legendary ring task Draenor's secret force also needs 4986 Epigz crystals.
    2 and level 3 of the deputy departments can get 800 or 1000 points of Epis Crystal, and the corresponding 100 -level task monsters will also drop a small amount of Epis Crystal
    According to your completion results, a few crystals are rewarded; bronze -level rewards are 33 points, silver is 50 points, and gold is 75 points.
    The daily copy task of the hotel/tavern has the chance to reward Epigz Crystal
    This crystal reserved upper limit to 20000

    The currency will continue to double, so it is recommended to use 3 different ways to exchange lucky currency every week.

    It 3 dwarfs/war mills can provide you with 1 free tempered destiny mark every week, but the upper limit you obtained every week is still 3, so it means that its meaning is limited to only limited to its meaning. It can save such gold coins or honor every week.

    . Finally, there is a task of rewarding lucky currency in the follower task, but this task is very rare, and sometimes you do n’t see one for a few weeks, so do n’t expect it to provide yourself with stable lucky currency coins for yourself It's right.

  2. wholesale jewelry yne3852g In the base on the island of Ashland, a crown NPC provides 4 tasks a week. You can choose to complete 3 of them to get 3 good luck runes per week.

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