How much is a refrigerated semi? Is it profitable to drive a refrigerated trailer?

With the constant improvement of the level of logistics industry development, the development of cold chain transportation is becoming more and more quickly, numerous industries need to the corresponding ice car as transportation support, such as catering, fresh, medicine and so on, combined with related department now more and more emphasis on food safety is elevated, ice car market is also continues to improve, the refrigerator car ownership is increasing year by year.

The steady and continuous growth makes numerous car owners want to enter the cold chain transportation industry.

So how much does it cost to buy a refrigerated semi?

​Broadly speaking, the price of a refrigerated semi-trailer is related to the model, tonnage, brand and parameter configuration selected by the owner. The Semi Trailer price is about 300,000 to 800,000 yuan.

Is there any money in a refrigerated trailer? Someone on the Internet suggested: now the market situation, running the cold chain to make money is no doubt, nothing more than the problem of earning more and fewer. It's common to make 8,000 to 10,000 a month on a casual basis, and 20,000 to 30,000 a month on a regular basis. Some netizens suggested that the question of whether to make money in cold chain transportation is white, because the money may not tell you to make money, do not make money may tell you to make money, it is difficult to believe it or not.

9e474bb3eeb089383e360c2c22447294Some media have done research on different types of transport owners, and their average wage level is about as follows:

13m tall hurdles: 10,000 yuan

15-meter refrigerated truck: 13000 yuan

6.8 Refrigerated truck: 8000 yuan

7.6m refrigerated truck: 8000 yuan

9.6 Car: 9000 yuan

Dangerous goods: 16000 yuan

4.2 meters: 7000 yuan

Express van: 9,500 yuan

Thus, the wage level of refrigerated semi-trailer transportation is above the average, and not much more. In addition, the industry standard is getting higher and higher now. In order to obtain reliable benefits in cold chain transportation, the configuration of vehicles should not be overly low, which leads to the elevated cost of car purchase. Second, open reefer semi-trailer transport, earn earn less relationship with supply of goods is extremely large, if the affiliated logistics company or a large enterprise, a drawing don't finish goods every day, or personal fixed distribution delivery of the supply of goods can be found, that making money is for sure, but if his no connections or relations in the cold chain transportation industry, also does not have a veteran take yourself, Making money is a different matter. Moreover, the demand for refrigerated semi-trailer transportation is large, but the experience of the owner is also relatively strong. How to control the damage rate in different temperatures, different weather, different road conditions, is also extremely key, otherwise it is likely to lose tens of thousands of goods on a trip. Finally, the depreciation rate of refrigerated vehicles is extremely large. If you feel that you can not return the capital within two years, it is recommended not to enter this industry.

To sum up, the difficulty of making money from refrigerated semi-trailers is mainly as follows:

1. The purchase cost of a refrigerated semi-trailer is steep. In the absence of industrial resources and supply, strong investment means great risk.

2, choosing a suitable car is not easy, especially in the case of not too much industry experience, choosing a suitable, strong reputation for the car. I am afraid it is more difficult.

3. The cost of maintaining a car is expensive, such as where to maintain a car and what kind of shop to find to avoid being cheated. These experiences also need the help or guidance of experienced people.

4. Experience problem. ​Simply as mentioned above, if you have no experience of cold chain transportation, the freight estimate is not sufficient to deduct.

5. Freight, which is directly related to the income of the owner. If the novice refrigerated truck driver does not understand the market situation, he or she does not know how to talk about freight or bargaining with the shipper, which is also extremely key. If you can have a veteran to help yourself, or have a certain combat experience, it is not too late to enter the line.

For the refrigerated semi-trailer, the goods are typically more delicate, can not stand bumps and bumps. Once the damage rate is elevated, the freight may be lost in half. The owner also counts on the freight to make money, so it is extremely essential to protect the transportation stability of the refrigerated semi-trailer. At this level, it is recommended that the owners choose the golden collocation of disc axle + air suspension.

Disc axle brake sensitivity is elevated, braking force is uniform, and not easy to appear thermal attenuation, which can improve the stability of the vehicle in the process of driving. If it is a heavy refrigerated semi-trailer, it is recommended to use the disc brake with the hydraulic retarder, and the braking performance is more stable. Air suspension is needless to say, in terms of buffering ground impact, even in the transportation of bad road conditions, can considerably reduce the bumping of goods, reduce cargo damage.

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