Writing a Job Description & Spec

You know what the position you need to fill entails, but that doesn't mean it is easy to put into writing, particularly when you are busy, which if you are recruiting as well as dealing with your day-to-day job, you probably are. If you want to attract the right candidates the job description needs to be as clear and concise as it can be. Why not allow Progressive Personnel to help you get your job description spot-on first time?

In the meantime, we offer some pointers to what you should include:

  • Title of the position
  • Department
  • Member/s of staff to whom the successful candidate will be reporting
  • Key areas of responsibility
  • Team structure
  • Terms of employment
  • Qualifications and experience

Educational requirements must be a real necessity for the job. If someone who lacks the specific qualification could perform the job with relevant job experience instead, the job description should reflect this to protect your organisation from potential accusations of discrimination, even if it is inadvertent.

If you also need to write a job specification it should include the same details and information as the job description, but more detail about the goals that the successful candidate will be expected to aim for and how the role will develop. It is also useful to include information about the kind of personal qualities that would be an asset.

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Senior HR, International Cruise Company

“James has been assisting with the recruitment of a new start up business in Paris and has been a fantastic resource throughout this incredibly busy time. 

His dedication and commitment to the recruitment process has ensured that the company has been advised of any relevant and high calibre applicants. His support has been invaluable and has ensured that the senior team have been recruited within our tight deadline. 

He has been available consistently throughout the process, often within very short notice and has remained completely professional and also very personable. I have no hesitation in recommending him for future recruitment within and outside the UK.”