What should I do if I wear a ring?

I have a new ring, and I have a little blue -green color without wearing a ring for a while. I can only wash it off.

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  1. The following methods can be used to deal with the ring coloring:
    1. Wipe it with silver washing water to make it immediately bright. However, this method cannot be maintained, and it may return to the original at intervals.

    2, washed with "baking soda", the method is to put the color -changing jewelry wet in the water. After taking it out, put on some baking soda, then use a small toothbrush to brush it, then wash it in water, dry it, dry it, dry it, dry it. Later, it was as bright as new. This cleaning method can remain unchanged for a longer period of time.
    3, wipe or scrub it with hot rice soup, can also restore gloss. Diamond ring: A smooth diamond not only has better reflex light effects, but also more than those diamonds that have skin oil, soap, cosmetics and kitchen oil stains. Must be washed once to keep it bright.
    4, salt and vinegar mixed synthetic cleaning agent, using it to wipe the pure gold jewelry, which can make a long time.

    5, the gloss of the gold jewelry, you can apply a layer of nail polish thinly.
    Extension information
    1. The chemicals of cleaning essence will change the color of the gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before doing cleaning.
    2. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold decoration to fade.
    3. When swimming, remove the gold ornaments to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.
    4, use a velvet cloth to wrap it in the jewelry box during storage to avoid rubbing and damage to each other.
    5, gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.
    6. Pure gold jewelry will have a chemical reaction when it encounters water and silver, and white spots appear. When cleaning, you can restore the original color as long as you grill under the alcohol lamp for a while.
    7. The gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to the stains and dust stains. At this time, as long as the gold decoration is placed in the neutral dishwashing agent, soaked and washed with warm water, and then removed and wiped it.

  2. The fading of the ring is a normal phenomenon. According to theoretically, the material of the ring can be divided into many types, but in terms of actual situation, the material of the ring support is mainly divided into two types: K gold and pure metal. K gold divide gold and white. Generally speaking, K gold fades into yellow to display the color of itself, while white is a metal that is plated, and the chemical reaction fades are displayed under a certain conditions. However, the possibility of the fading of K gold fades is greatly reduced now.
    If a large amount of fading may be a problem with the material of the ring itself, you can go to the relevant unit for claim.

    In order to avoid remedy after fading or fading, some chemical principles can be used, such as antioxidant treatment, and properly cleaning and keeping gloss.

    The ringtone material that is not easy to fade is "platinum". Platinum (PT for short) is a natural white precious metal. No one's skin is allergic to platinum. Platinum is not easy to fade, and its interests are strong than the antioxidant of platinum. They are chemically stable at high temperatures. They are insoluble in strong acid and strong alkali. They are known as "love metal".

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