What is the English professional word about jewelry appraisal?

Even if the book is, I am now abroad, and I will not buy it for a while.

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  1. Second-Hand Store Old Shop

    ANTIQUE Shop Antique Store

    Copper coin copper coins

    Counter nrnScan 扫描rnrntaupe 灰褐色;褐色的rnrncrimson 深红色的;深红色rnrngray 灰色的, 灰白的, 老的, Smart; (toast) Gray

    off-White gray-white, beige; gray-white

    blove blue; blue
    nblue-black dark blue

    Blue blue; blue, melancholy, frustrated
    nbrown brown; brown, brown
    n crystallization

    crystal crystalline; crystal, crystal, crystal, crystal

    granulele small grains, particles, fine particles

    alloy alloys; Nstall, Stand Sales Stall

    SHOW WINDOW window

    show case glass counter

    sheell n
    to wrap up packaging

    CHANGE change

    price tag price signing

    cash desk, cashiers desk cashier

    DISCOUNT discounts

    jewelry, jewels jewelry, jewelry

    to deliver Give

    nBe Al Sold Out, out of stock Selling

    Compact powder box

    Prices are fixed, FIXED PRICES has pricing

    Glass amplifier mirror
    nsmoking set smoke

    light lighter

    antique, curio antiques

    ring, finger raing ring

    signet raing rings
    nneckl ACE necklace

    Pearl pearl

    BRACELET bracelet

    Pendant pendant

    silver jewelries


    diamond diamond

    ear raing earrings

    Chain Bracelet

    genuine real

    hair Pin hairpin

    destroy Destruction, destroying, eliminating

    The uprising,

    rebeldom [General] Uprising n
    Found A Capital Jiandu

    is independent, autonomy

    independent, autonomous
    nmaravedi Spanish coins, copper coins, copper coins

    fake fake, forged, imitation

    cupreous copper, copper -colored, copper -containing
    normolu copper -zinc tin alloy, gold plating

    Pot Metal (used in old containers) copper lead alloys, cast iron
    n npatina copper green, green rust, thin layer, gloss, antique
    Coppery Copper, copper -like

    patinated copper -green, antique

    patined (to) raw green rust
    n coin, medal,

    cashbox money box, vault

    coin collectors, medal collectors

    quality quality, quality, nature

    Money Changer currency exchange dealers (especially those who are engaged in transactions at the official price), money merchants, bankers, financialists
    nVariety changes, diversity, various, varieties, types
    nSpecie Coin

    Pery deception, fraud

    Cheatee’s easily deceived person

    artistic identification, antique enthusiasts
    ngrave tomb , Grave, Carving, Remember

    obration Sacrifice Products

    UTENSIL sacrifice equipment

    Mania [medical] madness, mania, hobbies r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r n
    hobby amateur hobbies

    Cellarage cellar volume, cellar (total referred to)

    cellar cellar, basement, wine cellar
    nhobbyist indulgence in a certain hobby , Apocalypse, who loves habit

    mausoleum mausoleum

    currency circulation, currency, currency

    exchange exchange, exchange, exchange, communication, transaction


    Steal stealing, stealing, stealing, stealing
    na paper currency banknotes

    copper copper
    nCoin coin

    ZECHIN ancient gold coins, small metal pieces

    antique antiques, antiques, ancient

    molten melting, melting
    nantiquery ancient cultural relics Researchers, collectors, antique merchants

    ancient are ancient, old

    foundry casting, sandwiches, casting factory
    nDYNASTY dynasties

    FLAW disadvantages, cracks, flaws; rupture, defects; raw cracks, changeable

    dot dot, dot; at

    veins texture

    crescent crescent; bending the moon; crescent; crescent objects
    nluniform Moon

    Column column; pillar; cylindrical; columnar

    outshoot protruding, extending, growing, protruding objects

    bar bar, stick (commonly used as fence, fastening embolism), horizontal wood, bar room, grid, obstacle n
    style style, fashion, style, style, type, type, font, fonts, fonts
    Seal Character

    Rogular script regular script

    oFFICIALA R nRunning Script Book

    Rubbings pioneer

    glyph [archeological] relief, pictographic text; [plan] shape, the contour of the character
    norifice R n
    figure shape, contour, body shape, figure, graphic, portrait, number, shape, identity
    nmagnifier amplifier, amplifier
    nSunk depression

    RAISED raised, relief, raised patterns, fermented

    gibbosity protrusions

    recognition, identification, proof, deemed to be the same
    nimitation Imitation products, imitation, fake


    smithing forging, forging workers

    cessral central government

    vassal , Affiliated

    aulic court
    folk folk

    patois dialect, interview

    union union, combined, alliance, association n n n n n
    club club, nightclub, club, stick stick, golf ball, etc. (poker) plum blossom



    style style, style, type, fashion

    plumbum lead

    iron iron
    n nsilver silver, silver;

    Cob Money Silver Corner

    Seal sealing, sealing, seal, chapter, seal; sealing
    nChymist chemistry
    nclear Clear, clear, clear, shiny, cleaned, remove


    tin tin, horse mouth iron, can, tin, tin -made
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n R nauthentic real traces, credible, really

    Bronze bronze, bronze

    bronzy bronze

    Bral Bronze products

    rosewood mahogany (rosewood, black sandalwood), rosette, rosewood, Australian rose wood
    nrust rust
    nmercury mercury, mercury

    adhesive adhesive

    after image residual
    Brilliant’s bright

    Covering Power

    cure hardening
    dark dark

    Deep Deep

    Be Buried Alive with the dead

    excavate Dipping

    magnetic magnetic

    material raw materials
    mold mold
    nPlastic plastic
    acetic acid acetic acid
    R nresin resin r r r r r r r r r r r r

    Ceylon ebony 乌

    Cherry cherry wood
    door frame chicken wings

    adorn decoration, dress
    nadorn decoration
    n n n n n n n R nBaldric (sword, horn, etc.), shoulder straps

    antique furniture ancient furniture

    antique furniture antique furniture
    Mountain walnut

    wood Huanghuali
    identity, identification

    aging aging, aging
    knot wood festival, scar
    aluminum aluminum r r r r r r r r r r r r r

    burl tree scar, tree tumor

    padauk rosewood (produced in Asia and Africa)

    ebony, ebony trees, ebony, ebony; ebony system The

    african padauk African rosewood
    naFrican ebony

    african black wood of Africa in Africa Wet, humid, humidity

    r benamel enamel, porcelain glaze, nail polish; painted with porcelain glaze, color decoration r
    acidic acid, acidic r r r r r r r r

    glaze installation of glass, glazed to make the surface smooth; glaze, glaze, smooth surface, glaze, upper light
    dry dry, dry, thirsty; ) Dry, (make) dry

    acid soil acidic soil

    [化] weak alkaline, alkaline
    nscrub, scrub

    neutral standing Correction, neutral state, [和] neutral

    Rub rub, friction; (~ OFF) wiped it, scratch

    Vinegar vinegar

    acid []] sour, u003Cscratch> psychedelic drug; sour, ironic, mean

    ) Sticking

    WET wet, humid, rainy; wet

    vestige relics, traces, residual
    nHardpan (under the soft soil) hard hard Grade layer, clay layer, gravel layer

    Spoor traces, footprints; follow the footprint tracking

    clay clay, soil, body, human body, clay, cigarette fight

    imprint leaves the brand

    M waste, waste, excrement
    nashes ashes, ashes, corpses, cultural sites
    nCinder cull , Ry

    Relucting the original shape

    comeback recovery, recovery
    advantage advantages
    advance prepayment, prepaid
    nannant sales annual sales
    price can be priced

    agent agents
    all aspects of in various aspects

    bad bargain at a loss
    cash cash nbank account bank

    bank transfer bank transfer
    bargain transactions, transactions

    carriage freight
    barter transliteration transactions, physical transactions
    nbatch a batch of
    busits Business relationship

    cash on delivers, payment
    cataLogue samples, meeting
    manuals, instructions
    cash with order nCircle round week, round object; faction, class

    Commodity products
    Consumer Consumers

    Contact us for further, please contact us immediately


    Defective sub -product
    Current economic situation current economic situation

    Deal transaction

    DEFER delay
    nDeliver N
    expense cost
    demand for right … demand
    external market foreign market

    fair reasonable competition

    Foreign Market foreign market
    FOR CASH use Cash (purchase), collect cash

    Foreign Capital Foreign capital

    appealing design beautiful shape
    allow an ambience to be create n
    copy copy, imitation, imitation
    focus on the essential focus

    Freelance freelancer
    ideal between perfect combination

    imitate imitation
    The innovative

    ming dynasty Ming Dynasty
    style neo -classical style

    Without surface all the face
    design style design

    WITH A Classic Trend has classical style
    REAP the Benefits profit
    meet the demand from … to satisfy … Remarks

    BOVINE Leather

    brush brush, paint brush
    buckling stress distorted stress
    Craftsman artisans
    n process nBooth booth booths
    Cost-Effective has a value
    Enjoy a discount of 10% to enjoy the 10% discount

    indivial personal visitors
    stand booth, stall
    surname surname
    nBusiness License business license

    cash price cash price
    client customer

    striking, yet not vulgar, dazzling, very unpleasant

    nConsumer Attitude
    rate Consumption level

    demand demand
    direct mail mail

    update on the net information
    a Complete right

    acCount r r r r r r
    a Great Variety of Models Various styles

    artist art na wide selection of colors and designs color, complete types of all

    backing background
    ample Supply and Prompt Delivery is sufficient, supply timely
    beautiful shape

    Chairman of NChairmen

    Chief/Section Chief
    nmanager manager
    deputy manager deputy manager

    director r r r r r r r r r

    General Manage general manager
    private private enterprise

    storage custody, storage
    get online

    exchange IDEAS
    Access Get
    address address
    Cellular Telephone mobile phone

    Click click
    code password
    nContact with somebody

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