1 thought on “What gift is the best now to give HR”

  1. First of all, useful gifts are not as good as useless gifts. It is recommended that you do not send things too practical, such as clothes, perfumes, backpacks, etc., unless you have absolute grasp of your taste. There are a lot of these things. If it is not brilliant enough, it is easy to submerge in many of his daily necessities. If he doesn't agree with your taste, he will leave him a bad impression of "popular".
    If gifts are best to send "four non -drop" things, that is,: can't eat, can't be used, can't be delivered, can't be thrown away. Such gifts are most suitable for expressing their minds, and it is also easiest to make gifts a sense of joy, so that you are grateful to you for a long time. From the perspective of those who accept gifts, what useful things are useless are not necessarily something that can make them happy, but from the perspective of gifts. The purpose of giving gifts is not to bring great practical value to those who accept gifts, but to let them grateful you and remember you.
    The second, unique, creative and individual gifts. Such gifts can not only surprise and move the gifts, but also make him feel that you have spent a lot of thoughts and a lot of energy to prepare this gift for him. The purpose of giving gifts is here.
    From this perspective, personalized handicrafts are a good choice. For example, the personality cartoon statue made by soft pottery according to the characters of the character is welcomed by the fashion tribe. Its advantages are unique, can be kept permanent, and can be cleaned with water. However, the price is around 300 to 400 yuan, and the character is needed for clear photos, and it needs to be reserved at least one week in advance. There are also personalized comic portraits, personality crystals, personalized puzzles, personalized watches, personality necklaces, personality T -shirts, personality cups, and so on.
    Third, the small and medium are not as small as small. In other words, when giving gifts, choosing a more expensive gift in a less expensive gift category is better than choosing a cheaper gift in a relatively expensive gift category.
    Fourth, it is not as good as what you want. In fact, the purpose of giving gifts should not be the maximum effectiveness of the people of gifts, but to the greatest extent in the minds of the gift receiver. Therefore, you should give people what people want to buy but can't buy, or to buy things that they want to buy, give them to others or be a reward.
    Fifth, there is no choice but no choice. Gifts should not give a choice. Although people choose gifts that can bring them the maximum effect, many times, this choice does not bring them to the greatest extent. In some cases, choice will also bring negative effects. When the advantages and disadvantages of several gifts are not much different, giving anything alone is more satisfied than letting others choose in two or even more things. Do not give it to others when giving gifts.

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