The price of gold suddenly plummeted, and the major gold shops encountered a severe drop. How much does the gold price fall to one gram?

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  1. My mother wants to buy an ancient bracelet for a long time. At the beginning of the year, the price has been asked. Many well -known gold brands are about 480 yuan per gram, and the lightest bracelet is more than 20 grams. She feels a little expensive. It is still unacceptable to buy a piece of jewelry at 20,000. This time I heard that the price was reduced, and hurried to the mall to see how much gold was a gram of gold. Is it cheaper than the beginning of the year?
    What is the price of gold?

    The gold counter in the supermarket, the salesperson said that the price dropped, but the price was 500 yuan at a time At the beginning, the old Fengxiang brand is 508 yuan per gram, Saturday is 508 yuan per gram, Chow Tai Fook and Chow Tai Sheng are 507 yuan per gram. The price of Chinese gold and old temple gold is 505 yuan per gram.
    “Is the price really dropped? Isn’t it 480 yuan per gram on New Year’s Day? Why is it cheaper and more than 500 yuan now? Some puzzle, isn’t it cheap? n

    “It’s really cheap, this time some brands of gold have been reduced by 5 yuan per gram, some brands It lost 2 yuan, this is the first time in the first half of the year! “Sales staff explained patiently.
    ” On New Year’s Day in 2022, the price of gold is cheaper. At that time, it was about 470-480 yuan. At the highest time, in June, some gold brands rose to 530 yuan per gram, so the price this time was really appropriate. “The salesman briefly spoke the price of gold price.
    So I checked the price of gold from the mobile phone. The price of gold in June is indeed not low. On June 6 Once, the price of the gold brand of Zhou Dasheng is 530 yuan per gram, and the price of Lao Fengxiang gold is 520 yuan per gram, while the rest of the old temple gold price is around 515 yuan.


    “Gold is getting more and more expensive, that is, the price reduction is much higher than the expected price. It seems that I can’t buy this gold bracelet.” n Why can the gold selling price of more than 500 yuan, but the recovery price is only about 390 yuan? The price of gold is only 390 yuan, and the price gap between the selling price and the recovery price is more than 120 yuan. Why does this phenomenon occur? Why do we use us to use The gold jewelry purchased at 400-500 yuan/gram, when it was recovered, it was found that the price was only about 390 yuan/gram. What was the reason? Why can’t we buy gold of 390 yuan per gram?
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    The recovery price of gold is based on the golden price of the gold market that day, and it will not calculate the manual fee, processing fee, brand premium, etc. when buying gold jewelry. When the gold quotation falls, the price of gold will be lower.
    The price of gold recovery is lower than the golden market. It must be too high, and the difference in it is getting bigger and bigger. If you buy it, you can’t buy cheap gold.

  2. The price of gold has fallen to more than 300 yuan per gram. This is only temporary. After a few days, the gold price recovered more than 510 yuan, only rising, and some areas straightened.

  3. The price of gold has fallen to 510 yuan per gram, and the biggest range is that it has dropped by 5 yuan per gram. I think it is relatively good, and the price is relatively high.

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