5 thoughts on “Price of ring diamond”

  1. 21 points of diamonds, the price is about 1500 yuan
    18k gold, the current price is 240 yuan/gram, according to 4.5 grams, multiplied by 4.5 = 1080 200 = 1280
    The cost of diamond is about 2780 yuan in the diamond ring

    The price of Wuhan AEEEZ diamond wholesale and private customization center I told you

  2. If this diamond ring is customized, the price is around 3,000 yuan. But this valuation is estimated by the middle quality of diamonds. It depends on what level of diamonds selected by the landlord!

  3. Diamond 21 points, about 2500, should have a national inspection certificate to see 4C. Coupled with 275 yuan per gram, plus working consumption and the like, about 4,000 yuan,

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