Is there only 999 words on the ring real gold?

At the fast hand, the Yuan Qian buy a ring and pick it home. There is also a 999 logo in the inside of the ring. Is it true?

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  1. Chinese gold ring, what does foot gold 999 mean? Writing and answering
    20222 is actually not very different, which has a lot to do with the purity of gold. In theory, the purity of metal cannot reach 100%. Essence The so -called foot gold refers to the real gold, and the latter 99, 999, 9999, etc. refer to the gold content of the same quality. It is usually used to mark the purity of gold. The more 9, the higher the purity.
    I assume that the gold with high purity is 100%, then 99%of the gold must be lower than the goldenness of 99.9%, and the goldenness of 99.99%must be higher than 99.9%of gold. It is to use "Foot Gold 9999" to mark gold with higher purity. It is said that the current refining technology can allow the purity of gold to a degree of 99.9999%, and the purity of this gold is close to 100%. There are many standards defined in the international definition of gold. The purity is divided into thousands of points, respectively, 275, 585, 750, 990, 999, etc., corresponding to 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K, Foot gold, and thousands of gold. Except for transaction purposes, most jewelry only defines the degree of thousands of money

  2. First of all, to correct this wrong statement, the S999 ring is not golden, he must not be real gold. The S999 ring is a ring made of 99.9%silver content. His essence is sterling silver and has nothing to do with gold. Even if it looks like the S999 ring that looks like gold, he just plated the color of 18K gold on the outside of the ring. After a long time, it will fade.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer for you. There is a 999 logo on the ring is real gold. The logo 999 is also called foot gold, which is gold with a gold content of 99.99, also called thousands of gold.

  4. Whether the ring is really gold cannot be confirmed by the words above, unless it is really a big brand, it can be reliable with identification. It is recommended that after you buy your shoes, if you have doubts, you can apply for a special identification.

  5. The steel print on the inside of the ring or "seal" (such as foot gold is 999 words), which can only be regarded as one of the primary methods of identifying gold.
    wants to determine the authenticity more accurately. Those who need experienced professionals need to get the real object for screening. You cannot conclude the authenticity by only a steel print on the inside of the ring. This also needs to be used for other means, such as high -temperature testing method, efficient and accurate. Spectral detection method, precise and fast,

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