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  1. 925 silver price 24-40 yuan/gram.
    but we usually buy 925 silver jewelry, not the price of the exchange, we need to add some labor expenses. Due to different processes, the price is also different. 925 Silver recovery is lower than the price of the exchange.
    This silver, that is, metal silver with a content close to 100%. Silver chemistry is not lively, but because silver and sulfur have special affinity, it can slowly generate silver sulfide in the air to make it darkened and make silver impure. And in nature, silver and platinum are mixed with platinum. Therefore, the "sterling silver" in life generally refers to 925 sterling silver with 99.99%of silver or 92.5%of the content.
    Due to the characteristics of the silver itself, 100%of the silver texture is very soft, easy to scratch, and it is not suitable for increasingly fine process requirements, as well as the richer and exaggerated modeling requirements of modern popular jewelry. Coupled with 100%silver easily discolored and lost luster. Therefore, in 1851, after Tiffany launched the first set of silver containing 92.5%silverware, 925 silver quickly became the main force of silver jewelry, and became the internationally internationally. Appraisal silver jewelry is the standard for sterling silver.
    925 silver, there are different prices in different gold shops. The silver jewelry of the jewelry counter in the large shopping mall costs at least 68 yuan per gram. This price is the US dollar price per ounce of silver. Processing fee, the price of silver is calculated at weight. The price of silver is now 82 yuan per gram. The price of finished silver in the jewelry wholesale market is about 55 yuan per gram. The price is about 2 yuan per gram, 30 grams of silver necklaces, and the number of grams is not much related to the number of grams. 925 sterling silver 5 yuan per gram, 925 silver texture ratio.
    The market price of 925 silver recently and the market price of foot silver. It is really cheap, 99 silver, a few grams, because the quotation is calculated, it is fluctuating every day. Buying silver jewelry is about eight yuan or ten yuan per gram.
    silver is a beautiful silver -white metal, which has good ductility

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