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  1. At present, there are many channels that can be recycled. There are many domestic Shenzhen water scallops, and there are many more comparison prices.
    Diamond ring recycling price, this is mainly divided into two pieces:
    ⑴ The recovery price of bare diamonds, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond and whether it is fluorescent, regardless of the brand and other factors. If it is a GIA certificate, the price of diamond recycling is higher, if it is other certificates, it will be lower. For example, the recycling price of 1 carat diamond ring is about 20,000 to 60,000 (GIA certificate). Generally, diamond recovery of more than 30 points is higher, and of course, less than 30 points can be recovered, but the recovery price is not high, only a few hundred to 1,000.
    : The recycling price of the pretty tray depends on what material it is. At present, the mainstream trace material is: platinum and 18K gold. The recovery price is mainly affected by gold prices. At present, the price of platinum recovery is 200 one grams, and the 8K gold recovery price is 250 per grams.

  2. The recycling price of hand diamond rings mainly depends on the quality of diamonds. If you value diamonds, high -quality diamond recovery prices will be higher, and the best diamond recycling prices above carats are even more expensive than purchasing prices. In the second -hand diamond recycling market, diamonds with 30 points or 30 points are usually not recycled, even if they are recycled, they are only a few hundred yuan. It is gratifying that 50 or larger diamonds have a certain recovery value, and diamonds that exceed one carat may have room for appreciation. Take 5 carat diamonds as an example. For example, a 5 -carat diamond ring is worth 2 million yuan. However, due to the scarcity of large diamonds, it may reach a high price of 3 million yuan when recycling.
    In addition, the diamond ring recycling price has a certain relationship with the material of the ring. Platinum diamond ring, K gold diamond ring, platinum diamond ring, etc. are common in the market. Platinum diamond ring is the most expensive when purchasing, because platinum itself is rare metal, with low output and high price. Therefore, when recycling, the recycling price of platinum diamond ring is higher than the recycling price of the K gold diamond ring.
    At present, there are no relevant laws in domestic second -hand diamond rings. The second -hand diamond ring recycling market is also relatively chaotic. The method of recycling old diamond rings in China mainly includes pawn, auction and jewelry shops. If the purpose of recycling the diamond ring is to change a new one, the diamond ring can be recycled at the jewelry shop purchased before, and the existing diamond ring is deducted to make up for some differences.
    How to calculate the recycling price of the diamond ring
    why the diamond ring recovery price is large
    Many friends often ask why such expensive diamond rings, the difference in the recycling price is so large, yes It is not deceived by the recycling agency, not this, but there are some other operating costs in the recycling situation. The recovery value will be evaluated according to the 4C standard, and there is a certain gap between the time of purchase.
    The influencing factors from the price of diamond ring recycling can be seen that the diamond part is the most important part of the diamond ring value. The more obvious the brand premium, the greater the price of diamond ring recycling. At present, many brands in the market support recycling diamond ring, and have launched various forms of recycling services and standards, so that customers have more space when choosing a diamond ring, and do not have to worry about outdated styles.

  3. Hello,
    In fact, the platinum 950 recovery price is about 460 yuan per gram,
    is a high price, which is also 310 yuan.
    diamond is a high -profile luxury,
    has no problem with value preservation. However, the price we buy is not a manifestation of the value of diamonds.
    has added a double profit of the dealer.
    Especially below 10 points, it can sell up to 100 yuan.
    When selling, the average diamond can sell one third of the original price.
    Anyway, it is not very cost -effective, why not wear the landlord!

  4. Diamond ring recycling mainly depends on the quality of 4C. The higher the 4C quality diamond recovery, the higher the price.
    Ip, diamond recycling below 30 points is not worthy. Diamond recovery prices are increasing geometrically and have marginal effects. The price of 50 points, 1 carat, and 2 carat diamonds is very different. The larger the more diamond recycling price, the better.

  5. Diamonds are huge profits, and the recovery price is generally quite different from the purchase price. It is so big that you can’t believe it. In fact, it is mainly because the purchase price of your diamond ring is the price that the merchant wants to sell to you, not the value of the diamond itself, which includes it contains it, which contains it contains it. Too many merchants' profits.
    The recycling depends on how big your diamonds are. Generally, small broken diamonds with less than 30 points for recycling are completely worthless, which means that your ring should be sold to the second -hand market. The diamonds below one carat can sell the price slightly, but it will also be far from your purchase price. Unless your ring is Tiffany or Cartier, if it is a brand such as Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang, the diamonds are small, and the diamonds are small. Recycling is also called Platinum price or something. Diamonds must be detected. If the 4C parameters are good, the recovery price will be high. Anyway, you still find a regular recycling company. Maybe you don't want to deal with hundreds of dollars

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