Does red wine contain sugar? How do you distinguish the sugar content of different red wines?

The pursuit of fashion, health and bourgeois life is the general trend of people's lifestyle at present, and red wine represents elegance, nobility and romance. It marks a comfortable life.

These years, more and more wine appears on a variety of business occasions, friends together, couples drinking, or alone, whether for wine tasting, or for the sake of pretending, do not know a little wine knowledge feel that they are not the pace of The Times. Therefore, the wine company decided to make a series of articles dedicated to the popularization of wine expertise, so that wine drinkers can also give some advice in the wine tasting chat.

First, according to the color of the wine classification

1. White wine

White wine, as the name suggests, is usually made from the juice of white grapes, but because all the color in red grapes is in the skins, white wine can actually be made from red grapes if the skins are removed before fermentation. White wine is generally considered a lighter, refreshing wine.

2. Red wine

Red wine is aged from wine grapes with red skins, and the peel juice is mixed and fermented after the stem is removed and broken, and then the peel juice is separated 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. Because red wine ferments with the skin, the skin also contains other substances such as tannins, which can make the mouth feel dry. The color of red wine is mostly ruby red, purple red, garnet red, etc.

3. Rose red wine

In the process of making rose wine, the grape juice is in contact with the skin for a short time, and only a small amount of pigment in the skin is absorbed, so the color of rose wine is lighter. Rose wines are usually less intense than red wines, but contain more body than white wines. ​The color is generally peach, or orange red.

5641e8b2f2314c26fcaaa9aac4423760What is dry red?

There are many varieties of wine all over the world. First of all, according to the color of wine, there are three categories of red wine, white wine and pink wine, and red wine is only one of them.

Secondly, according to the sugar content, there are dry wine, semi-dry wine, sweet wine and other kinds of wine, wine sugar in order to increase, dry wine sugar content is the least, its raw material (grape juice) sugar completely converted into alcohol, residual sugar in 0. Below 4%/ L, the mouth evaluation has not felt sweet, only a sour and refreshing feeling.

So, simply put, the so-called dry wine (dry white, dry red) only refers to the amount of sugar in the wine, and has no other meaning. According to the standard regulation, dry wine contains less than 4.0g/L sugar. Because this type of wine has a low sugar content and no sweetness, it shows more of the fruit of the grape, the wine from fermentation and the mellow aroma left by aging.

What are the residual sugars in wine?

Residual Sugar, the English name is "Residual Sugar", generally refers to Residual Sugar in grape and grape juice after alcoholic fermentation, which is usually judged by g/liter (g/L).

Like tannins and acidity in wine, sugar content can also be detected by taste, which shows up in the mouth as sweetness. The higher the sugar content in the wine, the sweeter it will taste.

Of course, factors like acidity, tannins and alcohol can also interfere with how sweet a wine is. Higher acidity, for example, balances out the sweetness and makes it look less salient. Other factors in the wine, such as glycerin and crisp, rich fruit, also contribute to the "sweet" experience.

What's the difference between dry red and wine?

Wines in the traditional sense are sweet wines with sugar content above 50.0g/L. Dry red wine "dry" is a word borrowed from champagne brewing, that is, without adding any water, spices, alcohol and other additives, directly made with pure grape juice wine.

After red grape juice is pressed, grape skin core is not filtered, grape juice becomes wine and then filtered. In the process of winemaking, the color of grape skin is dissolved into wine, which is dry red wine. There are two kinds of dry red wine, one is simply filtered; ​the other will continue to press the filter residue. The pressed dry red wine has more tannins and a thicker flavor. In other words, dry red does not taste sweet.

What is the difference in sugar content between wine grapes and table grapes?

These two grapes differ greatly in sugar content. Although you might think that wine grapes are sweeter than wine grapes, wine grapes are much sweeter than wine grapes. This is a necessary factor, because wine requires a lot of sugar, and yeast can ferment the sugar in grape juice into alcohol.

Sugar content depends on grape variety, year and so on. Wine grapes can be 22-30% sugar, while food grapes can be closer to 10-15% sugar. This also means that wine grapes decay much faster than food grapes.

Simply put, the difference between red and dry red is that any wine that is red can be called red, such as sweet red, while dry red is mainly restricted to dry red wines.

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