Does baijiu really get better with age?

Wine is closely related to our real life, and every household has the habit of drinking liquor more or less. Wine is also the carrier of Chinese national etiquette and civilization.

In people's lives, whether it's getting married, having children, moving house, seeing off a farewell dinner, or having a party to do something with wine. If meat is the backbone of the table, bail may be the soul. In life, there are many people who drink wine regularly and regard old wine as a treasure 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. So, is basic really worth more the longer it sits? What should we pay attention to when we store liquor again to ensure the quality of liquor?

Does white wine have a shelf life?
In fact, many liquors do not have a shelf life. According to the National Food Labeling Management Regulations, beverages with ethanol content of more than 10%, vinegar, edible salt and solid sugar can be exempted from labeling shelf life. But just because it doesn't have a shelf life doesn't mean it won't expire, let alone that it can last indefinitely.

a9a8a6de747b1fdf255a761e2c3efe3fThe preservation requirement of liquor is high. The specific drinking time of liquor is related to brewing method, storage condition and whether it is opened or not.

Brewing method: more than 50 degrees maotai-flavor liquor can be stored for a period of time, in general, bottled liquor finished product storage, generally 3 to 5 years no problem, but in general, the longer the storage time, the alcohol content of wine can reduce, at the same time, some components will appear the phenomenon of decomposition, causes sour wine becomes weak, even if don't appear, to a certain extent, also affect liquor flavor. And for some low-end liquor, because often mixed with fragrance, it can not be stored for a long time.

Storage conditions: Although the storage conditions are not as strict as red wine, white wine should not be thrown away and drunk after three or five years. In order to store liquor for a long time without affecting its flavor, the storage temperature had better be stable at about 20℃, and the environment should be cool, dry and ventilated.

Open or not: Some drinks have a shelf life of a year, but the storage time can quickly shorten to less than a day after opening, and baijiu is no exception. Baijiu is best to drink the same day after opening, even if you want to store a good second seal, and placed in a cool and dry constant temperature, but can not be stored for more than 3 days, otherwise not only will the taste be bitter and astringent, after drinking more likely to have a headache.

Why should bail be aged before it tastes good?

Because the main ingredients of liquor brewed with pure grain are not only water and ethanol, but also a few acids, aldehydes, alcohols and esters, which amount to hundreds of trace ingredients.

Esters provide flavor and smoothness, WHILE miscellaneous alcohols, acids, and aldehydes produce a harsh, spicy and bitter taste. Therefore, the newly brewed liquor is not tasty and even a little difficult to swallow. Therefore, the new wine needs to be stored for a period of time. On the one hand, these miscellaneous substances evaporate slowly, which usually takes about 1-5 years.

On the other hand, THE ethanol and acid substances in liquor are slowly esterified to form various esters, and these esters can make the flavor and taste of liquor become better and better!

How should liquor be stored to ensure its quality?

And that's the key. Collection, we first look at the sealing of the bottle packaging. If it has been sealed, it can be directly stored. If it has been opened, we can pass the bottle mouth sealing treatment, wax sealing, film sealing, raw rubber sealing and so on. sealing is good for collection; ​next, we put the good sealed bottle in a cool, dry place, away from the light.

However, on the market, many illegal merchants use some liquor collection in the soil, lees, caves and so on. These collection places do not quite meet the conditions of collection.

In short, liquor long-term storage requirements are relatively high. It is recommended that we had better drink as soon as possible after buying.

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