1 thought on “Can the gold bracelet on the back wall of the hollow be worn?”

  1. The gold bracelet on the rear wall of the hollow can be worn.
    The heart is empty, the weight is very light, and it will be very light in the hand. It is just a design style that can be worn normally.
    Golden thick wall hollow is a style of gold jewelry. It refers to hollow gold and is often used to make bracelets. The appearance of the bracelet looks wide and thick, but the actual gram is very light, because the inside of the gold is hollow, but it is not found that it is not found on the scale. It can also be used for hollow carving design, and it will not feel too heavy to wear. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform when squeezing. It is recommended to choose a hollow bracelet with more than 18 grams, which can reduce the risk of deformation. The hollow jewelry is mainly based on 3D hard gold, followed by some three -dimensional gold such as round and square, which is easy to distinguish in appearance. Because the heart is empty, the weight is also very light, and it will feel a lot lighter to hold it in your hand. Everyone knows that the ductility of gold is very strong, so hollowingout is also a common process in the process of making gold jewelry. In order to make the face of gold jewelry bigger, everyone is now popular to buy gold jewelry.

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