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  1. wholesale pandora jewelry manufacturers Chopin
    , also known as: fryDeryk Chopin, Frederick Francisk Chopin
    Career: Composition
    March 1st

    Princh Introduction
    Frederick Fryderyk Chopin (March 1, 1810-October 17, 1849) Polish musicians loved Polish folk music since childhood. At the age of seven, they wrote "Polish Dance", performed on the stage at the age of eight, and have become a recognized pianist and composer in Warsaw at the age of 20. In the second half of his life, Poland died and passed abroad. He created many piano works with patriotism, so as to express his hometown and hate. Among them, there are hero works that are linked to the Polish ethnic liberation struggle, such as "First narrative song", "A major Polish dance music", etc.; There are combat works full of patriotism, such as "Revolution Practice", "B", "B" "Small tone" and other tragedy works with the fate of the motherland, such as "Belish B Sonal", etc.; there are also fantasy works that miss the motherland and miss loved ones, such as many night songs and fantasy songs. Chopin has never left the piano throughout his life, and almost all creations are piano songs, known as "piano poets". He often raised donations for compatriots abroad, but he was reluctant to perform for the nobles. In 1837, he strictly rejected the position of "Her Majesty's Chief Pianist" awarded him by Russia. Schumann said his music was like "a cannon hidden in the flowers" and declared to the world: "Poland will not die." Life in his later years is very lonely, and he is painfully claimed to be "away from the mother of the mother". At the end of his life, he was attached to his relatives to transport his heart back to the motherland.

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    , also known as: FryDeryk Chopin, Frederick Francisk Chopin
    Career: Composition

    FryDeryk Chopin (181011849) Born in the suburbs of Warsaw, Riazo Valia. His father, Nicholas, was originally a French. He later moved to Poland and participated in the rebels of the invaders led by the Polish national hero Kos Qianke (1746-1817) in 1794. After the uprising failed, Watsha, relying on the working days of teaching. Later, he opened a boarding school at home. From then on, he no longer participated in political affairs and only wanted to live safely. However, he and the cultural circles of Warsaw have close contacts, which affects the growth of Xiao Bang.

    The Chopin has shown special music from an early age, which can not only play the piano, but also compose. At the age of seven, he published his first work -G minor Polish dance. At the age of eight, he held the first public performance. Since then, Chopin has been playing the "prodigy" as a piano, and is often invited to perform by Warsaw's nobles, and has become the darling of the aristocratic salon. In 1825, the Russian Tsar Alexander I came to Warsaw to participate in the Polish Parliament also attended a record of Chopin and gave Chopin a diamond ring. These experiences of Chopin's childhood and teenagers have formed a strong contrast with his subsequent encounters.

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