wholesale lava bead jewelry Is it related to the amount of gold hanging water and water?

wholesale lava bead jewelry

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  1. jewelry findings wholesale australia No.
    The weight of generally hanging water must be within 200 grams, so that the color hanging is accurate. When hanging water, prepare a bottle of distilled water first, the amount of water is not important, but the water temperature must be 25 degrees Celsius, otherwise there will be errors in the color.
    The formula of the hanging color is:
    gold weight/floating weight/density = color
    generally at 25 degrees Celsius is 19.34.
    The method of gold hanging water is to get the volume of gold and then calculate the content of gold. Here we understand it as the volume of gold.
    The equipment required for hanging water: one electron is called one, a disposable cup or an open cup, a fine fish wire or a fine cotton line, a calculator.
    Note: Electronic claims to accurately reach the two digits (0.00) after the decimal point, and the electronic name of 200 grams or more than 500 grams is weighed;
    In the tools are ready, the hanging water is performed into color
    (1) Gold weight that needs to be hanging water
    (2) The cup is full of water to cover 3/2 3/2
    (3) Hanging gold with a thread, you can only hang the gold with one circle, do not dip the gold and other debris
    (4) Put the glass of water on the electrons Called zero
    (5) Put the hanging gold in the water cup slowly, stay for about 15 seconds to get the accurate number displayed on the electronic name, remember the gold not to touch the low cup wall
    (6) Calculation, the number of gold weighing 19.34 is divided by 19.34, that is, the content of gold (gold density: 19.34)
    . This is the golden hanging method. It looks like 25 ° C.

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