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  1. jewelry display wholesale toronto 1. EB
    EB is a computer storage unit. The full name is Exabyte. The Chinese name is Ai Tie. The maximum virtual memory space for 64 -bit computer systems is 16EB, and the data conversion formula is 1EB = 1024pb =. 1EB (Exabyte Ai Tie Byte; in the "Baijing" bytelon in the Wanjin class) = 1024pb.
    2, TB
    TB, that is, the electronic announcement board BBS (Bulletin Board System Electronic Club Bulletin System) is generally called an online forum in China. It is just through a computer or obtaining messages.
    3, ub
    ub name is Unique Browser, an independent visitor is an independent user. According to international statistics, each independent Internet computer is regarded as an independent visitor. When the same computer is used by multiple people, but not repeated calculations, it is still regarded as an independent visitor.
    4, coach
    coach is a high -end lifestyle fashion brand in the United States. It provides men and women with exquisite accessories and gifts. The product series include women's handbags, men's bags, men and women's small leather goods, shoes, costumes, watches , Travel supplies, scarves, sunglasses, perfumes, fashion jewelry, etc. Coach's products are released worldwide through brand boutique stores, designated department stores, specialty stores and official websites.
    Extension information:
    The Coach bag from New York, USA, was founded in a loft in Manhattan. Six leather artisans created a series of high -quality leather items with exquisite handicrafts passed down from generation to generation.
    founder and chairman, Lew Frankfort, was inspired by traditional American baseball gloves, turned its leather into a soft but tough leather, plus exquisite production technology, showing a charming natural leather pattern, which was born. A coach bag.
    has always increased many styles and materials. Each coach bag has a strong American style, and insists on exquisite high quality, becoming the first brand of American leather.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Coach (US high -end lifestyle fashion brand)
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -EB (storage unit)

  2. wholesale chanel jewelry replica EB economy purchase influence (people who shoot)
    ("This matter is responsible, you can find him" EB is really right, no need to show off)
    ub users to buy influence
    (Use use People)
    tb technology purchase influence
    (Standardized person)
    coach is a coach-transmit information to us, know us; domestic usually translates as an inside;

    The buddies look at the Five Rings of the Eye, o (∩_∩) o haha ​​~,

  3. wholesale cremation jewelry Four docking characters that marketing companies decide to purchase:
    eb (Economic Buyer) payment decision makers
    TB (Technical Buyer) technology people

  4. wholesale turquoise jewelry supplies
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