where to buy wholesale jewelry for resale How to configure the virtual gateway list of Huawei routers

where to buy wholesale jewelry for resale

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  1. hiphop stainless gold steel jewelry wholesale 1. Open the browser and enter the router address in the address bar: (Taking your personal router address, generally there will be in the manual, and the infinite router will be identified on it.) This can enter the router settings page. 2. After entering, the dialog box will pop up. To enter the user name and password, the wireless router will be identified on it. The general user name and password are: admin3. After entering the user name and password Security Settings. 4. After entering the wireless network security settings, select the option of WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, and enter the password you want in the PSK password, which is to set the password for your own WIFI. 5. After entering the password, click the saving key below to save it, and then you can do it. 6. After saving, you need to restart the router! The computer connect the router at the LAN port, enter the setting page, and modify the router WIFI password. The method is as follows: 1. Open the browser, enter the IP address of the router gateway in the address bar, and enter the login user name and password (usually ADmin); 2. After the login is successful Click "Wireless Security Settings", and the wireless network name (SSID) is a name that can be filled casually. Generally, it is a letter number; 4. Then set the password, and generally select the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption method (the password is 8-- 8- 16, you can combine the number of letters); 5. After setting the password, click to save, prompt to restart; 6. Click the "restart router" in "System Tools" to restart the route

  2. yellowstone jewelry wholesale Youku Router X2 is the Yueku smart hardware team that lasted for one year. Dual -frequency Gigabit Smart Wirers developed for professional users and technical geeks, it is committed to becoming a professional high -performance product in the industry. Different from the convention of copper wires in the previous router, the four omnidirectional antennas of the X2 use real gold plating. It solves the bottleneck of signal transmission. Many users think that the family wireless network signal is not well covered by the operator's bandwidth. In fact, the current operator's entry bandwidth is basically 100M. The real problem is in the link of the router. Earlier, most routing products used a 2.4G frequency band, that is, 300-500 mega routing, and the route of this frequency can meet the normal operation of 50M bandwidth. The 100M bandwidth in the user's home is actually wasted. In the era when 100M fiber has been fully popularized, only Gigabit router can make full use of the family's 100M bandwidth. Youku Router X2 is a gigabit routing that comprehensively meets the 100M bandwidth. The industry breakthroughs. The latest listing products are worth trying.

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