5 thoughts on “Where can I play with a dog?”

  1. Beijing Guomu Pet Park (Qinghe Camp, Lai Guangying Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

    It Beijing Guodu Pet Park is an area of ​​800 acres, which integrates pet transactions, toy transactions, and garden gardening trading. One is a super -large theme park that integrates leisure, entertainment, play, and viewing. The garden is green, rippling lakes, rippling water, strange stone forests, and birds with flowers, forming a beautiful landscape that integrates with animals, people and nature. It will make your family get their own place and become your ideal place for your leisure and vacation. Tickets 10 pieces

    Chaoyang Park

    . Essence

    Afu pet park
    In the southern six ring, the environment is good, the area is also large
    10 tickets

  2. The place to eat must not work!

    This can carry a big schoolbag and put it in a small head. As long as it does not make trouble, you can bring it everywhere. n I often take the dog out. I still have a subway. I saw my head and thought it was a hanging decoration. Later, I realized that it was true.

    The main it was not to make trouble, just!

  3. Of course, you ca n’t take dogs to public places. It ’s not possible to have a small dog ~

    Profiles, let alone a place to eat like Pizza Hut!

    The park can not be entered with dogs ~

  4. It is best not to bring it. Those public places are generally inaccurate
    The talked about
    . Your dog has a certificate or not
    . It seems to be strict in Beijing .. be careful

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