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  1. According to the experience of over the years, ICBC's interviews generally use semi -structured and non -leadership group discussions. It is mainly divided into two cases: one is to conduct discussions without the leadership group first, and those who perform excellent performance enter the semi -structured interview; the other is to use only semi -structured/non -leadership group discussions. Technical positions usually use semi -structured interviews Essence
    In semi -structured:
    In addition to self -introduction, it focuses on examining candidates' job search motivation categories, followed by personality characteristics and behavioral experiences. The professional entitled hot topics related to the current economic situation.
    This semi -structured quantity and time. Bank semi-structured interviews are generally 3-5 questions, about 10 minutes per person.
    The discussion:
    This topics are mostly open, selected and sorting categories, with the theme of economic hotspots and actual business related content of ICBC, focusing on the banking business and bank development related In the topic, some branches also have speeches and context simulation topics.
    The discussion of the non-leadership group is generally divided into 4 stages: 1-3 minutes of reading materials, personal statements for 1-3 minutes, free discussion for 20-30 minutes, and summarizing 2-5 minutes. In some places, there may be no personal statement and summary stage.

  2. I went to the training center of ICBC Beijing for an interview before. The interview was notified at 9 o'clock, and I arrived at the scene at about 8:20. At that time, the students from the last batch of groups were being led to the interview, so after more than 2 hours of waiting, I started my ICBC interview journey.
    The first thing to say is the grouping. The group was randomly divided by an interviewer to ask our school major. Among them, computer majors and law majors are separated separately, and there are basically no schools in other professional groups. There are 10 people in our group, 9 of which are turtles, pity me ~~ I think this is the key to my failure, life is not good ~~
    The first side is the group (no leadership group), we The title of the group is values. The value orientation of the six of our 9 turtles in our group is completely different from me. They feel that the career and money reflect a person's value ~ After I refute a few words, I was overwhelmed by the crowd's voice. I really wanted to scold people at that time, there are wood! Intersection Intersection
    The second side is a structured interview, 3 to 3. After the introduction of ourselves, we were asked a question alone. During the period, the three examiners were obviously not interested in us (because we are all girls), and they were The feeling of ignoring is really bad.
    This interview experience, attracting precepts!
    PS: Each position is different from each bank that does not pass the outlet bank.

  3. Hello, Zhonggong Education serves you.
    The banks are basically semi -structured or no leadership interviews. Unless the bank announcement is specially notified, it is these two types. For more content Education companies know questions.

  4. Regarding the form of interview of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:
    The form of interviews in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is also a semi -structured discussion of the Leading Group. In addition, there are new forms such as speeches and debates.
    The discussion of the head office group as an example. The specific process is divided into six links in ice -breaking links, scheme combing, lecture display, group discussion, group display, and interviewer questions. The interview needs to be entered half an hour in advance, review materials and other preparations, and group candidates according to 8 people.
    The ice -breaking session was introduced to each other for 20 minutes. Some interviewers were present; the plan combed to sort out their own ideas based on the topic, choose the task, and write the reasons and key ideas. The speech display is to display each person based on the combing of the previous link; the group discussion is a reasonable allocation task of members, obtaining the overall solution, and selecting the group display form, and eventually displayed to the interviewer for 5 minutes.

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