5 thoughts on “What does "tai VPN Viet Nam" mean?”

  1. "TAI VPN Viet Nam" means the meaning of electric shock;
    "TAI VPN Viet NAM" resistance has the function of preventing or slowing the current flow. Human resistance is mainly concentrated on the skin, which is directly related to the condition of the skin. The average of dry and healthy skin resistance is 40 times that of thin and humid skin. When the skin is cut, abraded, or the current is through humid mucous membranes, such as mouth, rectum, vagina, etc., its resistance value is only half of the humid and intact skin. The palm of the palm or sole of the cocoon may be 100 times the thinner skin area.
    The expansion information:
    The electric shock can be caused by lightning, touching the home wires, or breaking in the accident, and contact some charged bodies caused by flash. From mild burns until death, it depends on the type and strength of the current, the resistance of the electric shock part, the path of the current through the human body, and the duration of the electric shock.
    The current strength is measured by ampere, and the human hands can feel 5-10mA DC power; you can also feel the AC electricity of 1 to 10mA and 60 Hz. It can cause the arm muscles to shrink, but it can also allow the maximum current of the loose hand to leave the power supply as "letting go" current. The "release" current of DC is about 75mA, and the "letting go" current of AC: children are 2 to 5mA, women are 5-7mA, and men are 7-9mA, depending on the size of the arm of the arm.

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