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  1. PI Coin KYC certification refers to the identity verification of PI coin community members, and it is also certified for the identity of global PI currency users. According to PI Network, KYC certification does not charge any fees. But for now, only the selected pioneers can obtain KYC certification for free. The main reason is that the KYC solution of PI Network is incomplete.
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    . What is PI coin?
    PI currency is a virtual digital currency. It is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin and is obtained through mining. Users can download PI coin mining software for registration. Registration is not restricted by regional restrictions. As long as you enter the invitation code of the recommender, you can start mining after the registration is successful. PICed's mining software has just been launched in China. The software has built -in 43 countries, and the PI coins dug will have cash value on the exchange.
    . What is the basic currency?
    Wen cash we use is only a currency in circulation, and one step is to divide the currency for the reserves of commercial banks and central banks. And the first person to contact was nothing more than investing in his bank card. He invested and spent this money from his account to another person’s account. The invested currency was enlarged by countless times.
    three, what is digital currency?
    D digital currency refers to digitalization of currency. Digitalization does not mean scanning. This is just like a digital signature. Digital signatures do not refer to the signature of the signature into a digital image, or the signature obtained with a touchpad, not to the payment. Digital currencies are often mistaken for virtual currencies. But virtual currency refers to non -real currency, such as money when playing games, and those money is virtual. Of course, those virtual money will also have its true value.

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