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  1. murrina jewelry wholesale According to sources, this Google mobile phone does not have a built -in storage space, that is to say, all the programs it runs are running and stored on the network

    . Google's mobile phone Switch further exposed Google's super media ambitions. In other words, users only need Username and Password, and the rest are all gathered by Google on the Internet.

    In fact, it is an IPPHONE, a hardware entrance to Google Super Media, a "video credit card".

    The everything you will be stored in Gmail, your call records, all your text messages, telephone books, voice comments, and even all your voice records, your emails and blogs, you Medical insurance and electronic payment lists, no so -called roaming, voice is free! …

    The this will make people excited and terrifying. For users, you will always be free to online, but there is no problem with the Internet, because you may not need a telecommunications network at all, and use the ratio directly. The 3G is even more powerful Wi-Max. At present, Google is pushing Wi-Max in the United States. All telecommunications operators hate Google, so they will not survive, because the voice is free!

    From the future, it can even quickly check your location, or query where the items in your home are stored, you walk on the street in Beijing There is a virtual treasure in the rice. You will get a virtual electronic discount card when you walk to a specific position (estimated to be an advertisement); Perhaps this is your real ...

    is the terminator of traditional mobile phones and PC ...

    ● Disposable war

    The media is the necessary condition for dividing Mobile2.0 and traditional Mobile, because latecomers often start with subversive game rules. Rather than saying that Google and Microsoft have to make mobile phones, they must do "super media". Microsoft and Google will not follow the traditional mobile phone manufacturer's cards at all. Microsoft smartphones from 1,000 to 3,000 yuan are just a recent "small flying knife". The super media "wants to want".

    It from Motorola's Q to Lenovo ET600's introduction and Chen Yongzheng's high -profile appearance, the camp of the traditional mobile phone system is disintegrating. Even Palm fell to Microsoft's embrace, and the battle of MOBILE2.0 was a completely unequal war from the beginning. The former IBMPC and Dell today may be Nokia and Samsung in the future.

    "Super Media Movement" is a feast of new monopolies and users, but it is the funeral clock of traditional mobile phone manufacturers. The iPhone's leadership on fashion and entertainment will not give Sony Ericsson and Samsung too much. Space and opportunities, and the rolling soil is coming, coupled with the super media strategy of Microsoft and Google, as well as lower manufacturing costs such as Lenovo and Xia Xin, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung may have to face re -adjusting their positioning and strategic strategy At present, no one seems to prevent Microsoft from invasion of Google.

    of course, there may be more terrible and "pleasant" mobile killers. We still know nothing about them, and "fear and expectations" will continue to exist. The huge strategic gap may become the fatal misunderstanding of the "Nokia", not just the level of design, technology and price.

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