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  1. wholesale jewelry jump rings With the development of Internet technology, especially the emergence of e -commerce, the economic value created by the Internet has grown rapidly. If you want to start a business in the Internet industry, what are the industries suitable for college students? I have organized the computer entrepreneurial plan of college students. I hope you like it!

    Carians of college student computer entrepreneurship plan 1 1. Abstract
    1.1 project description
    It has become a “indispensable” life partner in human life, and e -commerce is gradually becoming the most fashionable consumption method for Chinese people. Many people think that e -commerce is just online shopping. This is incomplete perception. In the near future, all consumer activities can be completed with the help of Internet platforms. The current main model of e -commerce is online retail. With the widespread application of offline business models, the opportunity to take e -commerce express in the traditional service industry.
    The offline business model, also known as online to offline. For short, the O2O model refers to driving the operating activities of traditional service companies to online, using the Internet platform to carry out marketing promotion to make online the service front desk of merchants. The benefits of the O2O model are that the order is generated online, and each transaction can be tracked, and the promotion effect is highly transparent. Let consumers choose their favorite services online and then enjoy the service offline. Our operating projects are the intermediate business of vertical fields, which are specifically for the banquet booking of catering companies. The operating goals are the following two points:
    ) Provide consumers with convenient and fast banquet booking services.
    b) Provide Internet marketing platforms for catering companies, help catering companies expand brand awareness, and allow them to gain greater development space.
    1.2 Product description
    We will implement the business of O2O mode banquet booking through its website “*** ()” [under construction]. Yijia cuisine positioning the living e -commerce service platform, using fast banquet booking services and a certain amount of discounts to attract consumers.
    la Catering companies have their own theme pages in “***”. The pages have a banquet package price, and the number of banquets, banquet date and time selection.
    la “***” will establish a background system with the networking of catering companies. When consumers generate orders on the website, the order will be sent to catering companies simultaneously.
    la In view of the large service transaction, the banquet requires consumers to provide real and effective identity information and contact methods.
    la In order to prevent malicious behavior, consumers need to confirm at the store within 36 hours after the reservation is successful. After the consumer arrives at the store to confirm, the catering company will return the confirmed order to customers who fail to confirm the store within the specified time, and the system will automatically cancel the order.
    la In order to ensure that the catering company has plenty of preparation time, the website only accepts orders after one week. After consumers enjoy the services in the order, “***” will make catering companies rebate according to the amount in the order in accordance with the amount in the order.
    1.3 Market analysis
    “***” belongs to the traditional hotel catering industry e -commerce, and banquets are used as a common festive way in daily life (such as: wedding banquet, birthday party, champion banquet, birthday banquet, etc. ) Have a huge market size and good consumption habits. Taking Wuhan as an example, some surveys showed that the consumption of catering in 2010 in 2010 reached 30 billion, of which various banquet consumption accounted for 21%. Such a strong market conditions created broad growth and development for “***” space.
    1.4 Competitive analysis
    The catering industry is a traditional industry, and the market is mature. The O2O model banquet reservation service launched by “***” is still the first in China. “***” will actively achieve the following points:
    ) Integrity operations and explore business development models.
    b) Setting benchmarks in the field of Internet e -commerce life platform.
    c) Establish brand reputation and good market reputation.
    d) perfecting technology, do a good job of “user experience”
    “***” to try to accumulate rich industry experience and good market foundation before potential competitors enter the industry to establish a leading advantage in this field , Effectively bring benefits to catering companies, Yingchuang’s “open and win -win” cooperation atmosphere.
    2. The meaning and necessity of the project
    2.1 The significance of the project
    1. Provide consumers with convenient banquet booking services, click the mouse to complete the banquet booking that it takes a few days before.
    2. The introduction of traditional catering companies into the innovation of e -commerce platforms is the future development trend.
    3. The vast Internet is the main channel for future marketing, and it has the characteristics of accurate marketing positioning, low cost, and large promotion scope. It provides good opportunities for catering companies to get out of the country and develop and expand.
    4. The characteristics of the O2O model are suitable for catering companies. Consumers are solicited online to enable enterprises to grasp the initiative, rather than traditional “opening doors”.
    2.2 The necessity of the project
    1: The solution of consumer demand has undergone a “***” market survey. During the previous banquet booking process, customers often run back and forth between major restaurants. Compared with the price; the hotel that may also like to be full at the time period where consumers want to book. “***” insight into consumer needs and uses the Internet platform to solve this demand.
    2: To broaden business channels for catering companies, use this platform to attract consumers with online marketing, compared with traditional channel promotion costs and better results.
    3: In order to expand the brand awareness of catering companies, “***” will also promote the catering companies on the website through online marketing methods, give full play to the advantages of the Internet without time and regional restrictions, and bring catering companies to catering companies Higher market share.
    3. Project target plan and market analysis
    3.1 Project planning of the project
    The early target is to provide support for website preparation, open up catering company partners, collect all kinds of relevant data required, complete The design and construction of the website module, the development and testing of the background system and the construction of the database in the middle. In the later period, integration and testing according to the overall design of the website.
    3.2 plan arrangement
    L’s first stage, preparation stage — February 2011 (completed)
    L pre -preparation phase includes, the purchase of the supplies required by the office, the purchase of the office.
    la The second stage, data and market research and analysis of basic data -from February 2011 -April 2011 (Completed)
    la analysis of this stage of analysis website technology needs to be solved, and the problem is carried out on the problem, and the problem needs to be solved, and the problem is conducted In -depth excavation research and solution, at the same time the collection of catering company partners and corresponding basic data.
    la third stage, software development and hardware platform design -April 2011 -May 2011 (in progress)
    la This stage includes the summary design and detailed design of the background system. At the same time The design and construction of the website module, the design passes the back -end system for functional testing.
    la stage fourth stage, website trial operation and maintenance — May 2011 -August 2011
    la This stage is planned to enter the trial operation phase from May 2011, through the actual operation verification system, so as to make it so as Find problems and solve it in time.
    If supplement: Each stage can be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation.
    3.3 Market analysis
    L Customer Analysis: The services provided by “***” are used in consumer groups with banquet needs. The newlywed couple has a wedding banquet, and the old man in the family has a longevity banquet. “***” will launch different marketing offensives for consumers’ characteristics to win the “***” reservation banquet with the trust of consumers.
    la market prospect analysis: Take Wuhan as an example. In 2010, the city’s consumption expenditure in catering reached 30 billion, of which various banquets accounted for 21%of consumption ratios. The huge market size is our potential market, and e -commerce will penetrate all aspects of life in the next three to five years. The existing B2C and C2C thresholds are quite high. In the opportunity of economic development, the e -commerce service industry will occupy a larger proportion in future life.
    4. Competitive analysis
    4.1 competitive advantage
    “***” is still the first attempt in the banquet booking service field. “***” will actively explore the new Internet service industry model, Provide consumers with convenient and thoughtful services, while using marketing methods to expand the popularity of the “***” brand, deepen the cooperative relationship with catering company partners to ensure that “***” can survive, and use humanized management to create the same value with humanized management. The orientation team strives to do their own products, truly solve the needs of consumers, and allows consumers to experience “the Internet drives life and life is more exciting because of the Internet.”
    4.2 Competitors’ analysis
    “*** “The service model is bound to cause a lot of replication. Both independent entrepreneurs and Internet oligarchs may enter a cup. “***” adhering to the principles of fairness, openness, and justice, and welcome the entry of Internet practitioners to enter the e -commerce service industry. The industry is healthy and rapid.
    5. Overall strategy
    “***” will use banquet booking as the core revenue business to expand the product line at an appropriate time. The goal is to create the best e -commerce service website for “user experience”.
    5.1 Development Strategy
    The initial use of Wuhan City as a pilot to carry out business, explore its unique service qualities and business processes, and expand 1-2 cities to explore the business model after the integration of information. The large -scale expansion in the mid -term is mainly based on first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and coastal cities in the eastern coastal coastal cities. In the end, it covers business to most cities across the country and transplant mobile Internet platforms, so that consumers can enjoy a convenient and relaxed life brought by “***” at any time.
    6. Corporate culture
    “***” adheres to the concept of using “the Internet to drive life, life is more exciting because of the Internet”, with innovation, uniqueness, and forge ahead for corporate culture, and build a first -class executive team to establish consistency Value orientation. To the greatest extent, provide consumers with high -quality services and open up new business channels for upstream merchants.
    7. Financial management system
    L fundraising management
    la operation funds management
    L profit allocation management
    “***” has established according to its own business needs The complete financial system is clear, the financial relationship is clear, the financial relationship is clear and conforms to the legal person governance structure
    8.1 organizational structure
    L technology department: daily website data update, maintain and optimize website structure, develop corresponding systems, and develop corresponding systems. New product research and development, development and maintenance of mobile terminal products.
    la Finance Department: Strengthen internal financial management and establish and improve internal financial systems.
    la marketing department: pioneering partners, analyzing market data, and providing data support for strategic decision -making.
    la marketing department: propaganda planning, design marketing strategy, customer service feedback.
    la Administrative Human Resources Department: Strengthen incentive solutions such as internal employee management, design salary, benefits.
    9. Risk analysis
    9.1 Entrepreneurship environmental risk analysis
    The Internet has created the science and technology prosperity in the first ten years of the 21st century. Full of fun. In the next five years, most of the resources of the Internet will be in the hands of several large portals or platforms. In the rapidly changing shopping mall environment, *** will strive to achieve a platform that covers most of life service consumption projects through the e -commerce service industry in order to so as to be so on. Survive in the next wave of Internet changes.
    “***” has no direct competitors at the banquet booking business, but several major Internet giants have layouts in catering reservation, Baidu, Taobao, Tencent, including Ctrip in the vertical field of tourism. It is believed that there will be a public comment, pull hands, and online companies such as the street will also move. “***” feels full of sense of crisis, hoping to get the market recognition through its own efforts to survive.
    9.2 Project mode risk analysis
    In the initial stage of the project implementation, consumers’ strangeness of the O2O model will cause a small view of the initial stage of the website; the slow ability to accept consumers. *** will actively carry out online and offline publicity and promotion, and start marketing activities to allow consumers to get a good “user experience” to choose “***”.
    9.3 Analysis of human resources risk
    The core management of the O2O mode lies in the management of offline teams and the management of upstream merchants. The team’s joint efforts have established “***” and survived.
    9.4 The risk analysis of upstream merchants
    “***” is a middleman in the vertical field. If there is no cooperation support from upstream catering companies, *** will not be available. In the initial contact, catering companies expressed their willingness to cooperate, but there were differences in the specific division. *** will actively communicate and give concessions to promote cooperation with catering companies. Let the business go online as soon as possible to facilitate consumers.
    9.5 Risk of regional and consumption habits
    “***” team is in Wuhan Donghu High -tech Zone, and can only start entrepreneurship at the bottom. However, in the early market survey of the team, it seems that the e -commerce consumption habits of Wuhan people are not as good as first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, which has also brought us great challenges. How to enable consumers in different regions to accept “***” is a problem that we have to solve. We will actively analyze the market and use targeted marketing methods to mobilize the e -commerce consumption concept of Wuhan people.
    10. Profit analysis
    10.1 profit model
    “***” online services are free to open for consumers. The source of revenue of “***” is the upstream catering company Book rebate and rental of website advertising positions. At present, in the initial contact with catering companies, “***” is planned to redeem the transaction amount 5%-8%of the transaction amount (eventually the signing of the cooperation agreement).
    10.2 Revenue target
    “***” will be launched in Wuhan’s city station at the end of May. We hope that after half a year’s efforts, the revenue target of 100,000 at the end of the year
    11. Team profile
    11.1 Company profile
    “***” team members are classmates of the student days, in order to Dreams come together to work together. The team completed the company’s registration and related procedures in early March 2011. The full name of the registered company is: Wuhan Yica Network Technology Co., Ltd.. The registered capital is 30,000 yuan. The company’s legal representative is Tianyuan.
    The members of the team decided to withdraw from the project for personal reasons, and there were three left in the team.
    11.2 Team Introduction
    Tianyuan: Project sponsor, team leader. Study in a university in Wuhan, a bachelor’s degree in e -commerce, is about to graduate. The development of “***” has always emphasized the concept of “integrity can survive”.
    The people are humble and honest, active in thinking, the overall view, team coordination, calmness in the event, have their own opinions on things, love the Internet industry, and hope to establish an influential cause. He is not a graduate of a prestigious school, has no experience in studying abroad, and has no rich industry experience, but you have seen such entrepreneurial opportunities and eager to achieve your own life goals through entrepreneurship. I founded a website for online shopping in the university town in the sophomore semester, purchased fruit through the website, and then delivered to the door of the bedroom. Fruit, the website has become a place for publicity, the website closed after three months. There are three causes:
    1. Demonstration of the original intention of the design, without exerting the effect of the website.
    2. Riding a bicycle to deliver between two universities, which is very tired.
    . The hot weather should not be stored for a long time, causing “non -combat reduction”.
    It college student computer entrepreneurship plan 2 I. Market demand
    With the development and globalization of electronic information, online games are based on computer information as a new rising industry. In 2008, China’s online game market share has exceeded 20 billion, and it has continued to maintain an increase of more than 20 minutes. The potential of the Chinese game market is huge. China’s huge online user base is the main condition for the rapid development of online games.
    and various online games, especially large online games, such as “Warcraft” and “CF”, are inseparable from game equipment, game props, etc., and often these props require a certain amount of currency to buy. For these Most of the virtual currencies of the Internet do not have enough time and energy to obtain, so they are more inclined to buy items in the game with currency, so virtual currencies in the network have their value in sense.
    In order to meet the market’s demand for rich games, our company has developed into a trusted virtual currency dealer in the minds of players with credibility supremacy and fast service. And strive to develop the company into a leading company in domestic online game currency transactions, leading the Chinese network industry to the international market.
    . Introduction to the company
    1. Company profile
    XXX is an Internet company that serves the majority of online games players. Reputation provides players with various online game currencies. The company mainly acquires online game virtual currencies from each small and medium -sized workstation, and then provides players with a guaranteed and trustworthy cash Ruihuan online game virtual currency service. The business is mainly based on boutique online games such as “Warcraft”, “CF”, “EVA”, etc., and also provide other non -main online games to facilitate players with different games.
    2. Company management
    Stankers: All shareholding plan. Management holds 60 %, and employees hold 40 %. Among them, employee shares provide measures such as giving off employee shares to incentives. In the future, the development will change its strategy based on the development and changes of the company and market demand.
    Management department:
    1], marketing department: mainly responsible for seizing various opportunities in the market, good at capturing dynamic information in the development direction of the online market, analyzing it, and being able to sell companies in the market The latest development business. Employees of the department need talents with flexible minds, strong analysis capabilities, and some marketing experience.
    2], Foreign Department: It is mainly responsible for the harmonious relationship between the company and the online games, and negotiate with various online game workstations, and strive to acquire the currency of each game at the lowest cost. company. The department requires personnel to have good eloquence, good mind, and certain good etiquette and temperament.
    3], sales technology department: It is mainly responsible for communicating directly with consumers, understanding the dynamic information of consumer needs, and responsible for formulating network service procedures. This requires staff to have a certain game technical experience and professional computer technology, with good reputation and good service attitude.
    4], decision -making department: It is mainly responsible for analyzing the relevant income of the company, and formulating the development policies of relevant companies in accordance with the market.
    5], Finance Department: Responsible for the management of the company’s financial, salary distribution, capital turnover and other issues.
    No matter which department personnel, as workers who manage online games, they need to have a strong motivation, and have been exposed to two or more large online games and have an overall grasp of the network industry. Morality must keep their promises and follow the company’s purpose.
    . Fund operation
    1. It is expected to attract investment amount
    It to achieve long -term stable business business goals, this project hopes to receive 5 million yuan in venture capital investment at the end of the year. This includes early -stage running costs, market expansion, advertising, media activities and mobile funds.
    2. Investment returns
    In analysis of market demand, it is expected that the company’s sales target after normal operation can be achieved, and venture capital will divide up the investment in this investment in accordance with the agreed shares. At the same time, at the end of XXXX, the two parties can negotiate in accordance with the share agreement transfer method, the risk investment profit exit, or through the shares repurchase, the company repurchase the venture capital of venture capital, and the risk investment profit exits.
    . Business core
    The company mainly serves customers by communicating with customers with different characters and characters. Customers order the order on our website and pay through the bank card or the gift vouchers sent by our company. After the money, the role of our company in the game will pay the virtual items ordered by the customer within the prescribed time.
    5. Marketing strategy and plan
    1. Establish a company webpage and advertise for the company’s business. Because the company is an initial stage of a company, it is indispensable for advertising. Establish our company’s webpage, players can directly buy game equipment from the company through the Internet.
    . The main Internet cafes near college students and Beijing schools are the main population of the online game. Therefore, they must first sell the company to the company’s business success. And strive for some large Internet cafes of the alliance.
    3. Expand business outlets. Initially, the company is centered on various schools in Beijing. According to the relevant changes in the market and the company’s revenue stability, the company will spread outward at the center of Beijing. It is mainly based on the spread of the Internet’s popular area, so that the company has gradually developed into a national major game virtual currency exchange service company and marching to foreign markets.
    4. Strengthening marketing and promotion. On the basis of completing the marketing goals, we will increase marketing and publicity, and promote our company’s service purpose and service reputation through professional media, local newspapers, radio, and network media, and enhance the company’s popularity.
    6. Market competition and risks
    The best companies in this industry are IGE, but it believes that the current domestic market’s profit margin is too low, so the goal is mainly set abroad. Therefore, the current competitors are mainly small websites. However, because these suppliers are scattered, they are still in the form of workstations in small workshops. They are small in scale and low profits, and their reputation is not guaranteed. Players are willing to buy but not assured. We purchase network virtual currencies from small workstations at a certain price, and use the company’s reputation as a guarantee to provide players with a trusted cash exchange network virtual currency service.
    The operating risk:
    1. Management risk: As a initial network service company, we know that we have some shortcomings in management. The current weak management is the biggest risk of our company in the early days. In particular, lack of talents in strategic planning, human resource management, and marketing management. To this end, the company decided to use a particular time of each year as a management training day. Carry out quality awareness of quality and employees, training of professional awareness of jobs, improve various management systems, improve incentive policies, and hire senior management talents to minimize management risks.
    2. Credit risk: Maintaining the reputation of the company is an important purpose that the employees of the company must obey.
    but players may not believe it at first. This requires us to promote the company’s business through formal means, and at the same time require employees to have a good professional spirit when communicating with players.
    3. Insufficient supply risk: Because the company is based on online games and obtains profits by providing various game virtual currencies. The lack of information on the online game market and the insufficient currency of currencies from the game workstation will affect our company’s unable to provide services to players normally or even damage the company’s reputation.
    The we company must actively negotiate major domestic game workstations to expand the width of suppliers. At the same time, due to the flexibility of the online market, we must always pay attention to the development of the online market, which can effectively avoid and resolve supply risks.
    7. Conclusion
    The formulation of this plan is formulated to facilitate intentional investors to quickly understand the basic situation of our company. The details of financial planning and product marketing have not been added. Further in -depth information for both parties to negotiate business and cooperation.
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