sterling silver gemstone india jewelry wholesale by the kg Why can't Huayan pay

sterling silver gemstone india jewelry wholesale by the kg

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  1. wholesale clothing shoes and jewelry If you can't choose to pay for it when paying, it may be the following reasons:
    1. The merchant does not support the Huayan service or product does not support it. It is recommended that you pay for the store operation of Huayan payment.
    2. If a number of goods merged and paid together, one of the products does not support Huayan payment, then the merger transaction cannot be used.
    3. Huayao's 500 quota has been used in the face, and it cannot be paid in the current store. > Poke me to query Huayan's face amount
    4. The system will support Huayan payment based on your current transaction evaluation. Because each evaluation result is different, even if the same product is the same store Pay, you cannot pay tomorrow.

    . At the same time, if you have a flower cricket red envelope in your current account, it may be the following reasons:
    1. When using a red envelope deduction, you need to ensure that the order amount> red envelope amount.
    2. When paying, you need to choose "Huayan" as the payment method and use it on the Alipay wireless end.
    3. Huayan Consumption Red Packet supports online physical stores, taxis, online shopping and other scenarios (but Hua Tao red envelopes do not support the purchase of virtual products, including but not limited to virtual products such as virtual currency). Huayan physical store red envelopes only support to pay in physical stores.
    4. During offline payment, the store needs to open the "Huayao Collection" function to remind the seller to confirm.

    At the same time, in the case of meeting the above red envelope rules, the system will automatically detect both parties and transactions of the transaction at the same time. When the transaction is true and effective, the red envelope can be deducted.
    If you still cannot use it, it is recommended to change the merchant or try it the next day.

    This Reminder:
    The system will be based on whether your current transaction assessment can support Huayan payment. It is recommended that you change other payment methods.

  2. wholesale jewelry bamboo earrings If you have opened Huayan, but you cannot use Huayan to pay the merchant, then it may be caused by the following reasons:
    1, the merchant does not open the Huayan collection; Huayan payment;
    3, the amount of Huayan is insufficient;
    4, failure to pass the comprehensive evaluation of the system: The system will comprehensively evaluate whether the Huayan payment can be used according to the current transaction conditions and the account conditions of the buyers and sellers. Intervention;
    5, Huayan is frozen: usually caused by cash, overdue and other behaviors;
    6, other reasons, it is recommended to consult Alipay official customer service.
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  3. wholesale bulk costume jewelry Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am honored to answer it for you. The reason why Huayan cannot pay: The shops who use Huayan payment did not turn on the Huayan service, and they could not pay when paying. In the options of payment conditions, they could choose merchants who supported Huayan payment. If it is offline payment, the offline payment amount in Huayao is used up, and the payment will be displayed when paying. When the credit card is also also used, Huayan cannot be used, so it shows that Huayan cannot be paid. When using Huayan installment payment, the amount of the installment must be less than equal to the amount of Huayan, otherwise it is impossible to use Huayan payment. If your account is evaluated by Alipay's system as a risk, it may limit the amount of the purchase of Huayan purchases. , Or turn off the flowers directly. Methods to relieve the restrictions on the risk control of Huayan: Use Alipay for about 5 small transactions, and wait a few days to check whether the risk control has been lifted.

  4. pandora jewelry wholesale price Hua Tao can’t pay, is it your Huayan quota, or it may be that the merchant you paid did not open the business of Huayan collection,

  5. how to get a jewelry wholesale license Because you care about you, you can take the initiative to approach. First of all, you need to be confident because a lot of things are not looking at the appearance. The beauty inside is also a kind of beauty, so a little bit of confidence is the only girl together. The girl's appearance may be because she is not very embarrassed The environment of things is different so the concept is different.

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