2 thoughts on “How much is the Bitcoin Mining machine”

  1. Bitcoin mining machines with different performance and computing power are different. Let me give you the price of the mainstream mining machines on the market hope to help you:
    avalon2 single module set
    (chip frequency 1500mh/s )
    ¥ 488
    avalon3 single module
    (chip frequency 500mhh/s)
    ¥ 1,899
    290 ng
    1.2T set
    ¥ 7,444

  2. See you to dig Bitcoin or Litecoin, Bitcoin is dug by computer graphics card, and the investment of large investment is low. Now it is dug with professional mining machines. A 2nd generation Avaron mining machine integrates 320 CPUs. Your graphics card is integrated. Your graphics card. No matter how powerful it is, it is not as fast as this, but now the 3rd generation has been launched. It is recommended to buy 3 generations. A machine computing power can reach more than 1T or more

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