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  1. wholesale leather band jewelry When it comes to Bitcoin's attack, most people think of 51%attack. The so -called 51%attack is to use Bitcoin's use of computing power as the characteristics of competitive conditions, and use computing power advantages to revoke the payment transactions that have occurred. Bitcoin launch 51%attack specific ideas, roughly as follows:
    Pre -preparation work:
    1. Since it is a 51%attack, you must first master enough computing power. Whether it is controlling the mining pool or using other computing resources In short, the leading power of your computing power and the current network of the network, the greater the leading range, the higher the possibility of success;
    2. Get enough BTC as a bargaining chip, whether it was dug or from it or from it or from the from or from it. You can buy any channels;
    The attack steps:
    1. Putting the BTC in your hand to recharge the major exchanges, then sell it, withdraw it; or you can directly sell it to someone or a certain group of people;
    2. Use the computing power in your hand to start with the block before your own payment transaction, ignore all your external payment transactions, re -construct the latter block, use the advantages of computing power to run with the entire network, and the final area created in the final creation area. The length of the block exceeds the original branch of the original main branch, becoming the new main branch. So far, the attack is completed;
    The attack results: Because all foreign payment transactions are revoked, it is equivalent to the Bitcoin that has been sold.
    The feasibility assessment: Now Bitcoin's entire network computing power is almost 90T, and it will also grow rapidly. Now it seems that only a few major mining pools are united to launch a 51%attack. Ordinary individuals or institutions implement The possibility of this attack is getting smaller and smaller.
    The computing power of the Bitcoin network in the past few years has quietly increased to extremely large, which greatly increases the possibility of Bitcoin's success. On the contrary, it can also be explained why the cottage coins are not reliable, which is too easy to be attacked by 51%. It is very obvious in the field of digital currency dependence on cryptography.

  2. wholesale jewelry supplies brisbane People or organizations with 51%of the computing power can use his version of wallets to cause the coin loss of the other people, causing a bunch

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