fabulous fashion jewelry accessories wholesale How many good and meaning of King Kong Bodhicitta Hand Pen

fabulous fashion jewelry accessories wholesale

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  1. time and tru jewelry boho wholesale 1. 108: It is the most common number. It is to express the verification of 1008 and three ambiguities, and to remove 108 kinds of troubles, so that the body and mind can reach a state of silence.
    2, 54: indicate 54 times in the practice of the Bodhisattva, including ten faith, ten residence, ten lines, ten times, ten places and fifty levels, plus four good roots

    3, 42: It means the forty -two levels of the Bodhisattva practice process, that is, ten residences, ten lines, ten times, ten places, equal consciousness and wonderful consciousness.

    4, 36: No exact meaning, usually considered to be convenient to carry, then three -pointers are 36. Among them, it contains the same reason with small opinions, so it is the same as 108.

    5, 27: It means the 27th sages of the four -way fruit of theravada, that is, the "eighteen learning" of the first four -way three fruits and the "nine non -learning" of the fourth Arahanto.

    6, 21: Show ten places, twenty -one digits of ten Polmita, and Buddha fruit.

    7, 18 pieces: commonly known as "eighteen sons", the so -called "eighteen" of this refers to the "eighteen realms", that is, six roots, six dust, and six consciousnesses.

    Bodhi bracelets:
    1, Golden Bodhicitta, which is a rare plant with hard texture and white, with a piece of red and line patterns, so it is named gold Silk Bodhi, unique and charm. Big Golden Silk Bodhi, also known as Blood Bodhi rosary, can show its special features, because its biggest feature is that the more you rub the silk, the more red the value of the silk.
    2, Phoenix Eye Bodhi, each grain has a phoenix eye, the phoenix symbolizes the auspiciousness, and the Buddha beads made of Phoenix Bodhi are one of the essential instruments for tantric practitioners.
    3, Longan Bodhi, each grain has a triangular eye. Dragon has a special significance in Buddhism, such as the "dragon elephant" metaphor for the prestige of the bodhisattva, "Longying", which is one of the three responses of Guanyin Bodhisattva. The transliteration of Longfan as "Naga" has the ability to call the wind and rain, and it is also the protection of the Dharma. Longan Bodhi, especially Indian Longan Bodhi, is a rare thing, that is, a must -have item for practitioners. It is also the product of exorcism to increase wisdom.
    4, Kirin Eye Bodhi, with special shapes, with one eye on each grain. The entire Bodhicitta is flat and rounded as drums, plus the middle eye in the middle, like copper coins. Kirin is the faucet of the beast, the deer body, the body has a linked armor, and the head is useful, symbolizing the auspiciousness. Kirin Eyes Bodhi is more rare than Longan Bodhi.
    5, white jade Bodhi
    White jade Bodhi, the outer skin is black brown, the heart is like white jade, and the texture is strong and moist, and its name comes from this. It is a rare and amazing Bodhi. Very collective value. The more you play, the more moisturizing.

  2. fashion jewelry suppliers wholesale Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Generally speaking, the 14th of Vajra Bodhi bracelets is more common. The meaning of this number in Buddhism is a fearlessness. If it is a Buddhist believers, 36, 54, and 108 can be selected, of which 108 are more common in the market. It is mainly small beads. It is often wearing the charm that can increase itself. There are about 18 strings in such a string, which can be paired with other beads according to your needs. FortunenThere are generally 14, 18, 21, 27, 36, 42, 54, 108. 1, 108: See a hundred and eight -three ambitiousness, and break the 108 kinds of troubles. 2, 54: The fifty -four levels of the Bodhisattva practice are ten faith, residence, ten lines, ten times, ten places, and four good roots. 3, 42: The forty -two levels of the practice of the Bodhisattva are ten, ten lines, ten times, ten places, equal consciousness and wonderful consciousness. 4, 36: the same meaning as 108. In order to facilitate carrying 108 copies into three copies. 5, 27: It means the twenty -seven sages of the four -way Four Fruit of theravada, that is, the eighteen of the first four directions and three fruits have no learning with the fourth fruit Arahant. 6, 21: It means twenty -one places such as ten places, ten Poli, and Buddha fruit. 7, 18: Show the eighteen realms (six roots, six dust, and six consciousnesses). 8, 14: The fourteen fear of the Guanyin BodhisattvanBleakn1 morenBleak

  3. wholesale belly jewelry For decoration, it doesn't matter, the length is suitable. The use of rosary is as follows:
    . The rosary is divided by grade, and the rosary can be divided into four grades:
    1. The best product is 1,080. However, because this rosary is too long, it is only used by a few monks and dives, or for the famous monks as decorations in the Dafa Council. In addition, very few people use it.
    2. The top grade is 1008. Tantric ancestors use 110 pieces. In order to count the convenience in the practice, it is now wearing 216 or 360.
    3. Chinese products are fifty -four.
    4. The next product is 27.
    . Divided by the number of particles, the rosary can be divided into ten types:
    (1), 1,080 capsules:
    (2) n (3), fifty -four capsules
    (4), forty -two:
    (5), thirty -six capsules;
    (6), thirty -three capsules;
    (7), 27 grains:
    (8), twenty -one grains;
    (9), eighteen grains;
    (10), fourteen grains.
    . The number of grains of different rosary has its own significance:
    1. One thousand and eighty pieces, including 108 numbers in the Ten Dharma Realms.
    The world of law realm refers to the world of fans and enlightenment, divided into ten types, namely the sixth world and the four holy realms:
    ① Hell world: ②. Hungry Ghost Realm: ③. : ⑤ Human bounds: ⑥. Heaven Realm: ⑦. Sound and hearing: ⑧. Yuanjue Realm: ⑧ Bodhisattva Realm; ⑩. Buddhist world. The latter four realms are the realm of the Holy enlightenment, the world of Chao Tuo.
    2. 108, which means that 108 troubles are cut off, and 108 kinds of infinite samadhi is proved. R r r r
    is the silent state where the heart lives in one state without scattered, that is, the realm of Zhengding. ,
    The lion game Samadhi, no dwellings, wonderful lines of Samadhi, watching the top Samadhi, joy of the Samadhi, the interpretation of the samadhi,
    Xiang Samadhi and other 108 kinds of Samadhi.
    108 troubles are all kinds of troubles of sentient beings. They can have all kinds of evil karma.
    , San San Yin, combined into eighteen types:
    . There are three kinds of good, evil, and flat, which are eighteen, with a total of thirty -six types, with the past,
    100 100 Eight kinds of troubles are also called 108 kinds of graduation.
    also interpreted as the puzzle of the Three Realms, which is greedy, 嗔, idiots, slow, doubtful, and seeking ,
    The see (often disconnect), evil opinion (slander without Gangguo, bad fruits), see (hold good, non -fruit calculation),
    See (hold not to abstinence, non -Gangji), collectively known as ninety -eighth sleep, plus nothing, deserved, jealous, nodded, regret, sleeping, dazzling It becomes 108 troubles.
    108 capsules can also indicate the merits of 108 Buddhas, or it means that 54 levels and 54 are repaired. Step position, of course, there are other meanings.
    Chen Shan in the Song Dynasty recorded in the "New Lice": Han Yu asked the age of Dadong Monk,
    Dading smiled and raised the rosary and said: " Eight. The language contains machine fronts.
    3. Fifty -four capsules are the fifty -four levels of the practice of the Bodhisattva, which means ten faith. Ten lives, ten lines, ten times, ten places, plus add, plus plus Four Shan Gen.
    4. Forty -two. It means the forty -two levels of the Bodhisattva practice, that is, ten lives, ten lines, ten rounds, ten places, plus equivalent and wonderful consciousness.
    5. Thirty -six capsules, the meaning is the same as 108, and the three -thirds of the carrying is 36th. Bodhisattva's
    thirty -three kinds of embodiment, or 33 days.
    7. Twenty -seven grains, which means the 27th sages of the four -way four -way four -way fruit, that is, the first four -way three fruits "Eighteen of Studies" and the fourth fruit Arahant's "Nine No Studies".
    8. Twenty -one grains, which means ten places with ten places and Buddha fruits, or ten waves, ten waves, ten waves, ten waves of land, ten waves Rome and Buddha Fruit.
    9. Eighteen grains, the meaning is the same as 108, which is easy to carry , Sui Sixth is eighteen; or the eighteen realms, that is, six roots, six dust, six consciousnesses.
    10. Fourteen grains indicate the fourteen fear of the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Guanyin Bodhisattva uses the same sorrows of all sentient beings with all beings such as the Ten Fangs, Three, and Six Tao of the Ten Fangs, Three, and Six Dao, which makes all sentient beings. The fourteen tolerance.
    . The structure of the rosary is divided into two categories:
    L, a single set of rosary. That is, a string of rosary is composed of a mother bead and other different numbers of the beads.
    2. Restalus rosary. That is, a bunch of rosary, in addition to the mother beads and the beads, there are also partitions (also known as numbers), disciplinary beads (also known as Keizi), recorded, or some accessories. There are only one grain of the mother ball and two capsules. Tang Mixiu's rosary is two mother -in -law, representing himself.
    100, and fifty -four rosary, one beads per 27 capsules: Twenty -seven capsules are used for one beads: eighteen grains per grain per capsule. One by one.
    This Zhuzhu is generally smaller, with ten or twenty. String at the other end of the mother ball. Ten pieces of a small string, indicating the ten kinds of Parami of Polish by giving, ringing, forbearance, refinement, meditation, Prajna, convenience, wish, strength, and wisdom. Disciple beads can also be used for counting. Every time a bunch of beads are read, a disciple bead is dial.

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