cheap diamond jewelry wholesale A Bitcoin 300,000, consumption of 14.3 billion kWh a year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a "warning"

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  1. wholesale jewelry and sunglasses In recent years, what is the hottest, of course, is of course virtual currency. Speaking of virtual currencies, we have to mention Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin was born on January 3, 2009. It is a digital currency based on P2P as encrypted. Bitcoin does not need to be issued by currency institutions. It is a virtual currency generated by the computer's algorithm. The biggest difference between bitcoin and currency is that the number is very limited and has high rarity.

    The current Bitcoin can reach 55,000 US dollars, which is about RMB 300,000. This is a quite huge number.

    In some time ago, Iran had no sign of power outage, which lasted for a long time. The main reason is because of Bitcoin "mining", for which Iranian government closed 1,600 Bitcoin "mine".

    The so -called mining is a person in the circle, which costs a lot of material resources, that is, the computer is mining, and the power of each computer is still increasing to produce Bitcoin.

    This computers need to last 24 hours a day. The computer's continuous cooling process also requires a lot of electricity.

    In Iran, such a mine can be said to be a lot. Because Iran's electricity bills are cheaper. The US electricity price is 3 yuan, and Iran only needs to electricity each.

    The electricity price of polar places has attracted many people in the Bitcoin circle to establish large -scale computer stations in Iran to convert it every day. This led to the long -term power outage of Iran.

    First of all, mining needs to consume a lot of electricity. Although Inner Mongolia is rich in wind resources, the energy consumption of mining is huge.

    , and Bitcoin transactions are in the blind area of ​​government income. Even if Bitcoin earns a lot of money, the government cannot get any benefits from it.

    Citibank said that the power consumed by Bitcoin a year can reach 14.3 billion kWh, and its total amount is equivalent to one month's electricity consumption in all society in Shanghai, equivalent to Malaysia and Rui Bai for a whole year Electricity.

    The mining Bitcoin will generate hundreds of millions of tons of electronic waste and carbon emissions, which will affect the global environment.

    For such an emerging bitcoin market, some people have made a lot of money. What do you think about this?

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