A car requires hundreds of millions of RMB to take you to take stock of the most expensive cars in the world. Ordinary people are out of reach

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  1. A car will cost a few hundred million! Is it difficult to imagine? The roofs we usually know are hundreds of millions, and now you may have doubts, what kind of cars need hundreds of millions of? Let the house cat take you to take a look at the most expensive cars in the world, ordinary people are out of reach.
    At the Bonham quail auction on August 14, 2014, Ferrari 250GTO (serial number 3851GT) in 1962 was sold for $ 38,115,000 (including the buyer's premium), totaling more than 255 million yuan. The most expensive car record at that time, time was stunned. This record was broken in 2018.
    The creator of the new record was Ferrari 250GTO (serial number 3413GT) in 1962. At the RM Sothery Auction on August 25, 2018, it was sold for $ 48,405,000 (including the buyer's premium). A total of about RMB 300 million, which is the highest price for a car buying car in public auctions.
    1904 Rolls -Royce 10 -horsepower two people are currently listed as the most expensive old car in the Guinness World Record. The price of $ 7,254,290 was sold (equivalent to 8,945,000 US dollars in 2019), which is equivalent to more than 60 million yuan.
    Moth these cars can be auctioned to such a high price? In fact, there are many reasons. The low output and rarity of the car (limited edition). Of course, the more important is nostalgic. The collectors can afford the seven or eight digits of cars in their main income years. Prove your identity. The condition of the car and the complete documents (such as its repair evidence) are vital to its value. These cars have spent at least hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the past.
    In addition to the above factors, the world economy is also another main factor in the value of collecting cars, because master cars are usually regarded as alternative investment. The collection car market began in the 1970s, when it was exported to the United States to the United States, the Italian strange car dealer, and these dealers were willing to buy each vehicle provided by them. During the prosperity of the 1980s, investors frequently auctions caused the price of collecting cars.
    1980's prosperity of the 1990s was the depression in the 1990s. The value of the classic car plummeted, which caused most car owners to lose a considerable part of the investment portfolio value.其中一个例子发生在1989年,法拉利250GTO(3909GT)私下以13,837,500美元的价格卖给了加藤武雄,当泡沫破裂时,它于1994年以270万美元的价格转卖给了位于埃格姆(素里) Ferrari dealer Talacrest?, Eventually sold it to David Morrison for $ 3.5 million. It was transferred to Johnmozart privately in 2001 in exchange for Ferrari 250TR, which was purchased at a estimated price of $ 7 million.
    of course, investment can be collectively risky. One of the biggest challenges faced by investors is that the risk of depreciation of the vehicle's actual damage due to car accidents is due to the car accident. For example, the most expensive car accident in the history of driving was caused by Cox COX. He drove his Ferrari 250GTO crash and completely destroyed its front end. Before the accident, the estimated value of the car itself was about $ 30 million.
    What do you think of these most expensive cars in the world? Incantily, incredible, or disdain? Maybe these cars are far away from us and are out of reach for ordinary people.
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