Interview Hints and Tips

The three most important things to remember for interviews are Be Prepared, Be Prepared and Be Prepared. But as a Progressive Personnel candidate you will have the best possible help and advice in getting yourself ready for an interview. A member of our team will discuss the company you are going to see and its culture and offer you guidance on what to prepare and the kind of questions you should be ready to answer. Some of the things we may ask you to think about as you prepare are:

  • How does the role you are applying for help the company to make a profit out-perform its competitors and progress its objectives?
  • Can you identify what the main duties would be in the role?
  • Can you show, with examples from your past career, how your skills and experience will allow you to effectively carry out these duties?

You will need to be able to show that:

  • You are qualified for the job
  • You will fit in with the existing team
  • You will take direction and criticism
  • You won't be wasteful or careless with the company's resources.
  • You will adhere to company procedures
  • You will go the extra mile for your employer

If you feel anxious talking about any area, we are here to help and will make sure that you go in to your interview with the best possible chance of impressing the interviewer and getting the job.


“James has been fantastic to work with. He understands the travel industry,the people that work in it and has a second sense for what will work both for clients and candidates alike. He is incredibly tenacious and wont give up easily on something that he believes is right. His personal touch as been a breath of fresh air and I still havent worked out when he actually sleeps, as he's always available to help, whatever the hour. Thanks for all of your help and support this year James.”

Head of Marketing & E-Commerce, Travel & Tourism